Sunday, October 31, 2004

My Word For Today


Now to get back to doing some work.... Maybe after a sandwich.
And a cup of tea.

Ooh the news is on!

The Obligatory Halloween Post

Happy Halloween bla bla, be safe, use a condom.

Just been looking a few Bush Vs Kerry polls and in all the "Who do you think will win?" polls, Bush always seems to come out on top, but with the "Who are you voting for?" polls Kerry wins.

I did try and find a poll on a few god-squad websites, but they don't seem to believe in web polls. Maybe running a poll and asking for opinions is a sin or something, but either way I couldn't find one.

Prediction For Tuesday

America will continue to fuel my growing distaste for humanity and elect Bush.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Friendly Reminder

Clocks go back an hour tonight.

And So We Meet Mr Payment Schedule Letter

Finally go it.
Bit of an anticlimax, but now I can get it all sorted Monday.

Polatics And Religion

I hate talking about either of these subjects because their is only one of two outcomes.
  1. You spend hours talking about the subject and argue.


  2. You spend hours talking about the subject and agree.
Either way it's a wast of time, but either subject is enough to bring-out strong emotions in people.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Bin Laden Video And The Election Connection

I haven't linked to anything in this post to improve delivery and it's read.

Bush Vs Georg, I didn't give a shit, but with this one, Bush has to loose. And it looks like Binny is taking as much an interest in this election as everyone else is. That is obvious because of the timing of his video.

If Binny wanted Bush to be re-elected he would do some bombing, but since he appears in a very neutral setting (i.e without an AK47 in his hand) he is obviously appealing for people to see he is well and for them to listen to the words he is speaking.

The jist:
  • We stand for freedom and we don't like America's policies.

  • Bush is lying to the American people and his staff and his advisors are corrupt.

  • Bush's reaction to the initial strike was to continue listening to a child read (as opposed to running off and handle the situation, like anybody would do who discovered their house was on-fire).
Neither have capitalised on the video yet, but I expect something like this:

Bush Capitalising
He will say "see Bin Laden is still out there, let me finish the job! *shakes fist* "

Kerry Capitalising
He will say "see Bin Laden is still out there, Bush has spent not millions, but billions of US dollars trying to bring him down, Bush has invaded two countries and as we have just discovered, killed over 100,000 innocent civilians in his mad crusade against this one individual, and still Bin Laden taunting us. Get this madman out of the Whitehorse! *shakes fist* "

Bush supporters all seem to be saying the same thing "I wanna leader who can kick the shit out of our enemies"

Unfortunately they fail to realise that America can't fight all it's battles on it's own and can't win all it's battles or cope with the growing coast of the cleanup operations.

As much as America like to portray itself as a huge muscle in the world, it is not strong enough to go it alone. Both Kerry and Bush realise this, but neither will admit to it because saying "I will work with other nations and the UN" is seen as weak.

This co called threat America is now facing from the evil lords of terror, is overhyped and the war America is fighting is one constructed and kept going not by the hands of terrorists, but by the hands of George W Bush.

The so called terrorists in Iraq are more like resistance fighters that just want the American pig dogs to leave and go home.

So to my point, America, the American people and the world. Will be better off without a president that wants to continue this mad crusade. And I think Binny thinks so too.

Nothing Productive

I have done no work today, but since I have spent most of the day playing Guild Wars, my client folder is weighing-in nicely at 322MB.

Now to get some work done.

United As Fans (Star Wars)

I think This Episode 3 Teaser Poster is crap.
And it seems like Everybody Else thinks so too.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Guild Wars

I recommend everybody go and get the Guild Wars Client now.

The servers seem to be stretched because content isn't coming, but it is the future of MMO.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Winning The War On Terrorism

I actually think This Guy has a valid point.

Instead of George W fighting a war on terror, he now seems to be actively encouraging the growth of terrorist groups through his relentless bombing and stick shaking at other countries.

Terrorists are created by poor governments. Terrorists are you, they are me, they are the milkman, the postman or even your friendly local fireman. Anybody who believes that a countries leaders are doing an injustice will lay-down their hatred and anger, but if these cries are not heard then obviously these same people will resort to terror tactics. Like with animal rights protesters.

Everybody has it within themselves, it just takes an unsympathetic government and a few closed ears to bring it out.

Please vote someone other than Bush.

PSP's Battery Life

between four and six hours for game titles and continuous four to five hours for video viewing,

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Artificial Intelligence Exercise 1 (Uni)

Deliverable 1 requires me to write a three page report on an Expert System detailing the problem it solves and how the system actually works.

An expert system is basically a simple AI system that asks the user for input and looks at a database for the answer, 20Q is a good example of this, but since it doesn't solve a real world problem it isn't suitable.

After thinking about the task I came to the conclusion that the only good problem solving Expert System was going to be one a company had made, (an Anti Virus for example) but unfortunately companies don't like giving that information out to the public. So theoretically the only solution was to find an open source Expert System.

After spending the whole day looking for one, and after looking through two years back-catalogue of Expert Systems I finally found an article on a system designed to help people designing liquid-retaining structures, like water towers.

Not the most interesting of subject, but it's a start. Now I just need to read it and write three pages on it.

Don't Mess With Tech STEAM

Otherwise your entire account will be banned like with This Guy.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Bush Toys

You just know something has to be wrong when people start making toys like This, the leader of the free world!? I think that's debatable.

Vote someone else!

Random Fact

In the last twelve months I have rented 140 DVDs.
And although it is debatable as to which was the best, the worst was certainly Zardos.
Have a look at the Memorable Quotes if you want a taster.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

EverQuest 2 Beta Fuckup

I got five minuets of server errors and then it goes back to the "Watch EverQuest Vault for the coming keys on the 24th." Well EverQuest Vault says "Thanks Keys are gone"

So even through I was there on time, demand was so high I couldn't get any of my requests to get through to the server.
I tried.

EverQuest 2 Beta Keys Immanent

EverQuest Vault has just posted a 10 minuet warning.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

NO! (EverQuest 2 Beta)

I missed all of todays keys!
Something went wrong, and I don't know what yet, but I will try again tomorrow.

Ridiculous (Problems At Uni)

Artificial Intelligence Assignment one details are on the website, the marking scheme is on the website. Don't worry, it's all on the website, they said.

The only problem with that, is in the past four weeks, they haven't once given us the website address.

A Differant Kind Of Adventure (Return to Mysterious Island)

The Return To Mysterious Island Demo is a different kind adventure game.

I am sure most people have played Sam & Max with their wild item combinations, but with Return To Mysterious Island, item combinations are taken to the next level. Really you have to play it to see what I mean, but the level (in the demo at least) is filled with stuff to collect, and in their raw state the item you collect are of no use to you, but when you combine them, you can make a fire, a knife, a lighter and a few other things that help you on your way.

I don't know if it is worth buying, but it's certainly interesting.

EverQuest 2 Beta Keys

All the keys are gone for today, and i missed them all because I was playing Matrix Online. Still there is always tomorrow.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Random Thought (Rant)

I was reading Some Guys Discussion Of Ever Quest 2 over at EvilAvatar and they mention that EQ2 feels like work.

Now FilePlanet hasn't posted any EQ2 keys yet, but after trying to imagine EQ2 as work I can only guess that it has a terrible Treadmill Level-up system (i.e you spend the first few weeks of play killing white-rabbits before you have a high enough level to move onto red-rabbits).

Now the treadmill system is on one hand traditional, but because the developers want people to play the game for years, characters level-up very slowly and it takes seemingly forever. And so killing little white-rabbits all day just isn't fun for me.

Now in traditional RPG games there are several ways to level-up and these include:
  • Killing stuff
  • Completing a quest
  • Doing the same task repeatedly
  • Exploring a new area or making a discovery

If we eliminated all of those except experience gained through completing story driven quests I think that would largely solve the treadmill problem.

And I think The Matrix Online uses this idea, but I don't know (and yes I have been on the beta for three days now, but I Can't Say Anything) so it will be interesting to really play a game that uses that-kind of idea because the story would develop as your character does (that's if it's an MMO that even has a story).

Windows Vs Linux (Don't Fall Asleep Now)

The Register has a News Post about a new Windows Vs Linux Security Report they have had written (Register readers are very opinionated so this should quiet some people).

I normally love reading reports like this, but it's a yawn of a read and doesn't even come with a final conclusion or even any personal touches by the writer (human comments like this one), so be warned.

FilePlanet Scores EverQuest 2 Beta

FilePlanet is starting a Subscriber Only EverQuest 2 Beta Signup and they have 1,500 keys to giveaway. The NDA (None Disclosure Agreement) was lifted on the 18th, so unlink Matrx Online I can actually tell you what it's like.

Three Referances In One

I like Nintendo's new attitude.
I Love Beams

I think they are implying that Metroid is better than Halo.

New Superman

Brandon Routh

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Random Observation

Internet Explorer appears to be the only web-browser that does not support tabbed-browsing.

Not Good

Not Good At All because this could mean a big military victory in Iraq just before the American elections.

No-matter how many people die, the mission will either be a failure and the US networks won't mention it. Or a success and Bush will take full credit.

It seems that Bush is slating Kerry by telling everyone he will raise taxes. If this is true it shows that Bush's team can't find anything wrong with Kerry and he is the perfect candidate to replace Bush. There is of course the flip flop issue, but I still haven't hard that talked about properly.

Bush is an idiot and shouldn't have ever become president in the first place. The fact that such a man actually become president shows how weak the American system actually is.

And remember, a Vote for Kerry, is a vote against Bush.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Random Prediction

In 20 years time surgeons will be offering transsexuals the option to have both.

NDA (Matrix Online)

Looks like I won't be telling you guys what it's like then.
From The Matrix Online NDA
You understand and agree that you may not disclose the Confidential Information (inlcuding any Feedback) to any third party in any manner. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you agree that: (a) you will not post any Confidential Information on any public forum; (b) you will not reproduce any screen shots from the Game in any manner or in any location; (c) you will not discuss any aspect of the beta test with any person or entity other than representatives of Warner or its affiliates;

Animal Testing Helps Researchers

This is about a new innovation in vaccines. Currently vaccines have to be refrigerated, and in hot remote areas of the world this is a big problem, but this new innovation suspends the vaccine in cells. Once the cells are injected into the recipient the blood dissolves the cells and the vaccine is released.

This is great because it will give vaccines a longer shelf life and make them more temperature tolerant. And as stated in the report, an extra 10 million people could be vaccinated using existing budgets, simply because this innovation could eliminate the need for refrigeration completely.

Although, none of this would be possible without animal testing because nobody is willing to have an untested substance injected into them. In theory everything should be fine, but living organisms are so complicated the only way to test something like this, is to actually test it. Otherwise there is no possible way it can be used.

I don't like it, but it's a necessary evil. Maybe one day in the future when we can build artificial test systems we can finally do away with Animal Testing.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Got My Matrix Online Key

I have my Matrix Online key (I said I would). So if you are a FilePlanet subscriber, click Here quick!

Politics In Action

Looks like I Am Not The Only One annoyed by the American military's request.

Download Speeds

I decided to download the The Matrix Online Client because I am almost guaranteed a place (not going into that now) and I just realised that my download of 1.56GB according to FilePlanet's neat little download client, will take about 4 hours (tis fast)!

Now working this in Excel my connection can pull (from test data) 421MBph (Mega Bytes Per Hour) at 120KBps.

So here is an interesting thing.
On my new 1.1MBps connection I can download 421MB in an hour.
On my old 512Kbps connection I could download 210MB in an hour.
On my old 56Kbps connection I could download 15MB in an hour.
And on my old 14.5Kbps connection (we are talking 1995 here) I could download a whole 4MB in an hour!
So in ten years we have come a long way with home internet connection speeds, but just for fun, the same amount of data that I can download in an hour with my new connection would take my 14Kbps Modem four and a half days to download!

And Matrix Online's Client of 1,600MB would have taken my 14.5Kbps Modem (drum-roll) seventeen days of uninterrupted downloading to finish. And to think I will do all that in under four hours!

Matrix Online Subscriber-Only Beta

FilePlanet is doing a Matrix Online Beta and 5,000 more keys will be up for grabs today, but it's getting late and they still haven't posted the keys yet.

Last week when the posted keys at a specified time, FilePlanet suffered from people constantly refreshing the front page and so this week they are doing it at an unspecified time. Still waiting, but they still have three hours to release them before I decide to go bed, lets just hope they hurry up. Then I can really slag Sony off (I am not expecting to like it).

Uni Books

Altogether my four books for the first twelve weeks of Uni came to £124.47.

I have already been told to read a select chapter from This One, so it's probably worth it.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Work Placement 2005

As part of my Uni course in computing I have to start a twelve week placement at some organisation doing some IT work. Today I had an interview at a primary school and I got the placement.

If you remember This you will realise that this placement is going to be a big challenge for my social skills, but at the end of it I should finally be able to handle the little ones.

50 Minuets of Extra Footage and 20 Hours Of Bonus Material

Why it's The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King Extended Edition DVD Large Trailer.

I can't believe I actually went to the cinema and wasted good money to watch the first film. I never finished reading The Hobbit because I could actually tell where Tolkien was getting bored writing and he just skips bits. whereas other parts of the story he wastes pages with purely descriptive text.
I appreciated the symbolisms in the book and I even had a good attempt at translating his crude middle earth language (character replacement isn't exactly inventive), but the book just turned me off because I can tell where he was getting bored writing.

Anyway, I digress. I hated the first film, the second film and even the third film. I think I hated the third film less than I hated the first and second films, but it's hard to tell because I watched them all with my head berried in snacks to numb the pain.

If anybody is actually considering buying this, you should first get a piece of paper and write fifty lines of:
"I am a consumer whore"
"I am a consumer whore"
"I am a consumer whore"

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Half Life 2 Spoilers

Just seen This Half Life 2 Spoiler Post.

Warning Heavy Spoilage!!!
So it basically goes like this:

  • The Combine work for the big spire structure know as Xenohardrine and are a combination of Human / Alien and cyborg.
  • The Humans are allied with the Class 2 Aliens not seen in HL1 (first contacted when the first transformational experiments started) and we are all at war with the Class 3 (headcrabs and shit).
  • The Human and Class 2 alliance started construction on the big spire structure know as Xenohardrine that is designed to engulf a planet and imprison it's whole population. This is then accidentally unleashed into City 17 (apparently City 17 is a research facility).
  • Black Mesa was a research program devising a way to get the big spire thing through to the Class 2 aliens homeworld, but that accident at the start of HL1 placed it in City 17.
  • The administrator (the guy that ran Black Mesa and who is the Class 2 alien's ambassador) has called Gordan to destroy Xenohardrine's core.
  • If the Xenohardrine is not stopped it will form a massive prison over the earth enslaving the entire planet.
  • Alex dies at the end.

Now With XML

Got bored with the old style and just realised that I have an XML news feed thing.
I have now placed a Perminent Link at the top of the page, so you can all enjoy the XML bliss.

Still not sure I like the new style, but it will do for now.

Counter Strike Source Full Of Cheats

And This news post isn't talking about the numbers of people cheating either.

there's no anti-cheat yet
the game has built in wallhack, you can disable the sky, you can enable the overview map to show the position of ALL players - both enemy and friends; all those things are possible by simple 1-line commands

it's reason enough to pause the ladders until valve has fixed it

F-Zero Climax

It's an F-Zero fan's Wet Dream.
Shame I won't have time to play it.

eBay Whores I Solute You

DvBoy posted This little gem.

The Ending Has Not Yet Been Written (Myst IV)

Contains Light Spoilers and One About The Game's Outcome

I finally did that stupid Mangree puzzle. Mothermachine on the Uru Obsession forum said that half a turn would equate to a short tone and two whole turns would do for a long tone, and that worked perfectly for me.

I don't know who on the development team thought that puzzle was a good idea, but somebody needs a good slap. Surly they did play-testing and realised that it was an infuriatingly difficult puzzle without help. I stopped playing for a week because of it, and there are others who have stopped plying completely.

Up until the power puzzle in Spire I was really enjoying the game because the production value is just so high, but that power puzzle was irritating because I couldn't find all the pieces of paper to findout what tones to play that break the lock. Then the whole Mangree crap and then that whole Peter Gabriel sequence that feels like it belongs in some other game. Although the Dream World puzzle after that is perfect because it is confined and you actually learn the nature of the puzzle and solve it simply by playing (that's how puzzle games should be). You certainly get a sense that this one was not made by Cyan.

The ending feels wrong.
I still don't understand the Riven ending, but the Revelation ending feels wrong very wrong. The two brothers are like ghosts of the Myst series, they are a huge part of the story that is never seen or told, but in Revelation they appear and then the developers wipe them from Myst forever. Which is a huge shame because there is two ages specifically there for building character depth, and then that all disappears without the gamer identifying with the characters, caring about them or even having their knowledge of the characters played upon by the story. Or even questioned by events.

The game brings back the brothers, gives them depth and fills in some plot-holes. And although anybody that played the original Myst will remember Achenar's torture room, I think his performance in Revelation was underplayed because in the original Myst that guy was twisted. They both where, but in Revelation they just feel like devious individuals, not masacistic murderers who like to watch their victims bleed, and burn whole villages filled with people to the ground. I mean Exile was about the hate of just one of their victims. He wanted to torture Atrus for eternity for what his sons did to him.

Catherin isn't in it almost at all, and the ending is too clean. I would rather Sirru's body be found missing and Achenar go on a pilgrimage to find a cure for the illness brought on by the gas, but no. They both die and so I feel cheated that none of what I learned about the characters was put to any use. No they just die, Yeesha says nothing and then Atrus says "thanks again old friend, fancy a pint down the pub!" And it feels wrong. Especially since he has lost two sons. Maybe it's his was of dealing with the pain, but like I keep saying, it feels wrong.

Anyway the game is good apart from one or two puzzles that are real show stoppers and you don't get rewarded for age completions like we are used to, but the game should really come with a big sticker on the front telling you to play Myst or Real Myst first because it will add to the enjoyment of the game so much.

3/5 One point deducted because of puzzles and another because of story. Otherwise and easy 5/5.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

About Time

IGN has finnaly posted a Walkthorugh For Myst 4, HAZAA!

Now where did I put that disc!?

Anticlimactic Sequence (Evil Genius)

All the way through Evil, the game is building up to the doomsday devise. And at the end you have a twelve minuet wait while the rocket is assembled (you are under siege at this point). When the rocket is constructed a big red button appears on the screen ready for you to finally launch the doomsday devise, but even after this buildup (which starts the moment you start playing) you are rewarded with only a ten seconds of FMV sequence. And not even a good one at that.

I was expecting something done to music, but the ending just feels empty and to be honest I wouldn't have minded being given to opportunity to continue playing afterwards.

Friday, October 15, 2004


The BBC is saying that one of our regiments might be placed under American control! We all know the Americans are short staffed and things have been getting worse, but allowing them control of one of our units would be one of the worst decisions ever.

Apart from the cultural difference with American soldiers seeing themselves as worriers of freedom who must smite evil. Our soldiers won't respect whatever is giving them orders because I am sure they have seen for themselves by now how the Americans carry themselves on the battlefield.

How can the Americans ask this! We have refused before, but it actually seems like the request is being considered this time because it would allow us to capture the guys that killed Ken.

It would be a huge mistake, and I know the decision is between justice for ken or another possible friendly fire massacre by the hand of our allies, but no! It feels wrong, it smells like a mistake, the guys won't make it home for Christmas and if they do go into combat a lot of them won't make it back at all (and I am not taking about being killed by enemy fire here).

The Charging Of Digitally Distributed Products

GameSpy usually sells D2D games for $00.04 less than Amazon. Like Commandos 3 is $14.95 on D2D and $14.99 on

And Sum 41's new album Chuck is £9.99 on, but £7.99 on iTunes.

So digitally distributed items are cheaper, but I think retailers a missing the point. And that is, with a server setup, wither it's one person or one thousand people that buy your product the distribution costs are the same and the number of companies taking a percentage of the sale is significantly less.
Therefor you can offer customers huge bargains and still make more money than you would selling at retail. And yet the prices stay roughly as they where!

Maybe digitally distributed products are having a slow start, but it's the future.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


I had voicmail today from the Placement Unit at Uni telling me that I have an interview Monday. And by coincidence I got emailed This.

Cool Stuff I wanted To Post Earlier

Yes I am back early, but you can blame that on the car thiefs.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Going Out

And I don't have time to post any of the cool stuff I just seen. Probably do that when I get back.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Halo 2 Gold

I know, so shut up already!

Random Fact

If you say Jet Li's name very fast, you come out with jelly.

Evil Update (Evil Genius)

I have finally constructed my evil doomsday rocket thing, but for some reason I need to send diplomats out and I have no idea where to capture one so I can start training my own.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Playing Evil Genius Again

The game is better when you use the money cheat. Maybe a little easier, but certainly much more fun.

While playing type in 'HUMANZEE' you will see a 'Task Complete' graphic appear on screen. Then press Ctrl + C to up your cash.

Random Fact

Adults are just kids, with life experiences.


New news story about BrainGate (it's about time this got some media attention).

Basically it started when researchers taught a monkey to play a simple video game where it moved a joystick to put a cursor inside a box and then received sugar water (or whatever it was) as a reward. They then shoved a microchip into the motor cortex of the happy little monkey's brain. The chip is a load of sensors attached to a computer. The computer matches the brainwave patters received by the sensors on the chip to what the monkey is doing with the joystick.

They then turn the joystick off and used the matched data from the sensors to allow the monkey to control the cursor without the game receiving movement data from the joystick, but instead from the monkey's brain. Now you might have expected the the monkey would still need to move his arm to control the game, but the clever little fellow was quite happy to play the game without moving and simply by thinking about moving the joystick. Witch the computer understood and so relayed that to the game.

I think this technology has limitless potential and it's all very exciting. Exoskeletons for people who have paralysed bits of their bodies. Fully functional replacement limbs. Creation of artificial lungs that are just like the real things. Or even allowing people to control complex machinery more intuitively, like a fighter jet or digging equipment.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

PSP Vs DS. Fight!

Raymond Console Editor of GameSpy (He is the fatguy in the pool on the right next to Cliff) has written a Rant About His Feeling Between The PSP And DS. What he basically writes is what alot of people are saying, but good old Ray has actually played with them both, so that makes his little rant alot more significant.
Do I want the drop-dead gorgeous one that hasn't shown me much heart and soul? Or do I want the super-cute one that's different and interesting and unlike any I've met before.

National Coming Out Day

In America today is National Coming Out Day. So Happy Out Day to everyone I suppose.

Friday, October 08, 2004


I am NOT having a good time with Myst4. When I understand the puzzle, know the solution and after an hour of trying still can't get the puzzle to work, THAT'S when I start hating Myst4.

Puzzle Explanation
The puzzle involves these monkey things called *searches trough bits of paper* Mangrees. You are required to call each Mangree by it's name to guide them round a lattice system so a white Mangree can reach a pile of fruit, and then you need to get him to throw some at a Camoudile after it has been lured into a pit.

The problem is that to call a Mangree you have to turn some dials in sequence, but turn each dial for a specific amount of time. For example Wheel 1 turned for 0.5 of a second and then turn Wheel three for 1.5 seconds will call a Mangree. I have timed this on a stopwatch, but it's just a VERY difficult puzzle to preform.

End Puzzle Explanation

I have actually given up with the game until a proper walkthrough has been released because I am finding it just too hard.

I feel The Same Way (Myst IV)

It's an amazing game, but the puzzles are just too obscure.

Random Joke

Random Joke One
Random Joke Two

Nintendo Directly Points A Finger

Nintendo has a long history of doing it's own thing and ignoring it's competitors. If they talk about another company they will usually just acknowledge that company did something cool, but all of a sudden the big N has pointed it's finger and Critasised The PSP!

Those little women at the Tokyo Game Show with those portable consoles strapped to them… What you didn’t see is that those women were having to go recharge the batteries every two hours!
-Fils-Amie of Nintendo

Thursday, October 07, 2004

My Poor Car R.I.P.

While I was out last night somebody stole my car and touched it.

The police found my car (on fire at the time) before I even knew it had been stolen. Today they took a statement from me and tomorrow one of two guys is appearing in caught over the matter and the other guy the day after.

I didn't see a thing of these two guys so the police must have other witnesses or some really strong evidence.

It's nice how the police have been very efficient in this matter, but MY CAR!

Half Life 2 Overpriced!

The Bronze package on STEAM is $49.95, and in sterling that's £28, but on they are selling it for £26.99! So by ordering the DVD off amazon you save £1.01, than if you bought it over STEAM.

Now to my point.
STEAM is digital distribution, it cuts out a lot of the middle people that usually take a big cut of the money, like the retailer. So even if they sold the digitally distributed copy a lot cheaper, Valve would still make more profit with the STEAM copies than the retail copies. So I am annoyed because I was expecting to get HL2 cheaper over STEAM (I was expecting at least £5 saving,but it's more!!!).

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

MY Gillette M3Power

I have been shaving with a M3Power for a few weeks now and still wondering wither the built in vibrator actually makes any difference, this morning I decided to shave half of my face with the vibration on, and the other half with the vibration off (I know I am a sad person).

After shaving and letting my face dry I can say there is a difference, but it's so insignificant. I can't see any difference, and I can't exactly feel any difference, but there is slightly more friction, over the side where I shaved with the razer turned off. So I really don't think it's worth turning the thing on anymore.

I could now go into a rant about how a lot of people somehow manage to live with an electric razer, but I think maybe we have reached an innovation flat, as far as safety razor design goes. And it's as good as it will get.

They could always release a sonic blade razor, where the blade is vibrated at it's sonic frequency to create a kind of sawing motion, but I think they would loose money through that, because people wouldn't buy so many blades.

Innovating A New Kind Of Difficulty (Myst IV)

This is the first adventure/puzzle game I have played where there is a built in walkthrough that you can access at anytime (we have had hinting systems before, but never walkthroughs). It has a map with all the Age puzzles marked on and there are three levels of hints. Level one is suttle, level two exsplains and level three is a solve telling you exsactly how to compleat the puzzle. And yet I am still stuck!

The game is so new there isn't any convential user written walkthroughs yet. On Haven there are five pillars around the age each with a marking on, and each pillar is placed in an animal's prefered habitat. Matching the symbol to the animal allows me to solve a combination lock, but the problem is that the lock has no distinguishing animal shapes on and the supplied walkthrough refers to the animals by name! I don't know what the thing is called! It's big and has horns!

So I have the animal and the matching shape, but I still don't know with lock tumbler corresponds to which animal.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Very Angry After Finishing The Install

The install is 7GB on maximum, but that's not what has gotten me angry. No, while installing the game I got a phone call from Chris asking what room the Research In Computing lecture was in. I told him we didn't have a lecture, but it turns out we do! Even though it's not been timetabled! I knew this timetable game uni has been playing would fuck me over sooner or later, but I wasn't expecting it to happen so soon.

Looks like I will be sending a constructive email later then! (-_-#)

Just Got Myst IV

And it's on TWO DVDs!!!

Punkbuster Busting

Just finished reading This Article on what seems to be another Punkbuster driver conflict. I had a similar problem last year, but frankly this problem is silly and it's Evenbalance's responsibility to fix it with or without the help of Nvidia and ATI because it's their software that is causing the conflict.

If I was a developer right now I would refuse to acknowledge PB as a viable anti-cheat solution until they have this problem solved.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Todays Events

I read through all of last weeks uni notes, made more notes, destroyed older notes, read two journals on Artificial Intelligence and one on Innovative Technologies. So today has been quite productive.

I should get Myst IV tomorrow, so with that, work, Evil Genius and finding a work placement for the second part of my course this year. Means I am stressed for time. Fortunately this week I have a fairly easygoing timetable. TTFN

The Cost Of Evil (Evil Genius)

I had no idea how much it costs to run an evil facility. My minions work for free, nothing requires money to maintain and yet I still have money problems because everything is so expensive.

Not a bad game, both relaxing and yet frustrating at the same time. Relaxing because the game flows quite well, but frustrating because there is always something holding up your evil plans. With me this is always in the form of a cash flow problem.

TIP: Check the Global Map often (like once a minuet).

CV Approval

In about 10 weeks I will begin a 12 week placement at someplace I haven't found yet, but I spent the whole of Saturday completely redoing my CV to make it look like it was made by one of those CV writing companies. And I sent it to the placement unit at uni to get some constructive criticism, and I got sent this back:
Your cv is different and creative and I'm confident it will get you an interview.

So I am rather pleased with myself.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Random Fact

Just because you are older doesn't mean you will feel it. That comes later when you are dieing.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

PC Gamer's Half Life 2 Review

So I have read the review and to be honest I am not even convinced the reviewer has actually played the game, because he just rants on about the gravity gun's functions (pull and push), he talks about the physics A LOT! And he talks about what he would have liked to have talked about, but couldn't because he didn't have room.

Erm... ye

No new information is contained in the review and it just fails on the one objective of any review, to give the reader a good idea of what the thing being reviewed is like. He says excellent, but I want to know what it was like to play. Excellent just gets me to buy it, it doesn't give me an idea of what it is actually like to play.

I was one of those evil people that downloaded the stolen compiled code (yes I am buying the full game) and even I can tell you more than this review does! I can tell you there are more types of craft besides just the buggy. I can tell you the whole game is sprawled with original content and that the story is so engrossing, that you will have sleepless nights asking yourself, who is controlling the combine, or what went so terribly wrong after Black Mesa. I could even go as far as to say the game dynamics changes constantly so you don't get board, but I would be going too far if I was to talk about the multiple species of head-crab. So I wont', but the review is pants and tells the reader jack about the game. PC Gamer should be ashamed of themselves.

RIAA AT It Again

I Thought RIAA had learned the error of it's ways, but now it looks like They Haven't.

Friday, October 01, 2004

So He Finnaly Admits It

Peter Molyneux, The Lionhead Masterbrain and design guru of Dungeon Keeper and A Few Other Groundbreaking Original Titles, has finally Addmited that he blabs too much about features that don't make it into the final build.

I have developed software before and I have done the exact same thing, but when I bought Black & White I was expecting to be able to write quest stories in a text file and play those quests out in the game, that never happened! And I was really looking forward to that.

I Will Have Sex With You

That's the title of the last bit of SPAM I clicked on.

I wanna see more email like that.

Now You Are Talking

Half Life 2 will be released in the US on the 23th of November and in the UK & Europe on the 26th of November.

No mention on the cost yet, but you will be able to pre-order HL2 over STEAM next week.

Plus 44 new Screenshots from the release build (not from that crappy E3 2003 version we have all seen before, time after time).

Posting From Uni

Currently in the library. Adam is doing something, but I think he is just stalling for time. He is currently looking at the Electronic Arts site.