Friday, October 08, 2004


I am NOT having a good time with Myst4. When I understand the puzzle, know the solution and after an hour of trying still can't get the puzzle to work, THAT'S when I start hating Myst4.

Puzzle Explanation
The puzzle involves these monkey things called *searches trough bits of paper* Mangrees. You are required to call each Mangree by it's name to guide them round a lattice system so a white Mangree can reach a pile of fruit, and then you need to get him to throw some at a Camoudile after it has been lured into a pit.

The problem is that to call a Mangree you have to turn some dials in sequence, but turn each dial for a specific amount of time. For example Wheel 1 turned for 0.5 of a second and then turn Wheel three for 1.5 seconds will call a Mangree. I have timed this on a stopwatch, but it's just a VERY difficult puzzle to preform.

End Puzzle Explanation

I have actually given up with the game until a proper walkthrough has been released because I am finding it just too hard.