Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Got the hang of it

When aiming a shot I was holding down the left analogue stick instead of just tapping it enough to place my shot. This didn't mean I was hitting balls off the table, but my character was moving off position with each shot.

It's all over

Last test done and as long as I don't have any re-sits, the next time I go back uni will be to get my diploma.

Bought Rockstar's Table Tennis for the 360 as it is the only game under £30 and I like it, but it's hard. I thought the Lost Planet demo was hard until I realised that I had missed a few conveniently placed mech suites (I blame the size of my screen). So I am hoping that if I read the manual and play a few games then I could get over that learning curve and actually win a game.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

XBox Live Camera and UNO

Looks like some of the Microsoft guys have been playing with the camera. [Video]

Monday, May 29, 2006

Random Geometry Wars 2 Idea

Been thinking of what Bizarre Creations could do with a sequel to improve the game and other than adding new enemies, a story arc (which could be bad) and bosses (which would be bad). For the gameplay I have two ideas.

One consolidate the lives and bombs to be the same unit measurement. So using a bomb is still preferable to dieing, but they are both the same thing. This will mean that when you loose the game you won't have any remaining bombs because bombs and lives are the same thing (this was done very will in F-zero X).

And secondly adding a system where if the player presses the bomb button at the very moment of death their life is saved, a bomb effect happens and they get bonus points. There has been a few occasions where things have gotten so close that it is hard to tell wither I have died or hit the bomb button first, so I think it would be cool to be rewarded for such skill.

Still no official word on a sequel, but I don't think they can ignore the success of the first game or the potential demand for a second.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


I just ran it through 10,000 games and the final score was:
Test Player: 0
Computer: 8603
Draws: 1397
Not sure if I will use this as a testbed for other types of AI now as I have had to sacrifice extensibility to get to this stage, but at least I have a good Tic Tac Toe AI if I ever need one again.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Found It

So I added a logging function to my test player and this is the output that causes the AI to loose that came out:
Record 1 (0,1)
Record 2 (1,1)
Record 3 (1,0)
Record 4 (1,2)
Record 5 (0,0)
Record 6 (2,0)
Record 7 (0,2)
Which looks like this (player is X, AI is O):

Image Hosted by

As you can see the AI does not make a strong move on turn four and this poor decision results in the AI loosing.

Tic Tac Toe 2 and Automated Testing

Just over one year ago I had the idea of creating a Tic Tac Toe program that I add modulate AI to and tryout different types of AI, but the whole thing fell-apart because the code got too complicated, but I started work on this project again from scratch earlier this week and have gotten it working with just one AI system.

I thought I had created a perfect rule based AI system. So to test that theory I created a function that would take the place of a player and randomly place markers onto the grid. It does this for 1,000 games which takes about 9 seconds on my 2.24GHz P4, but look at this:

Image Hosted by

Looking at the results at the bottom of the window it appears that my rule based AI isn't perfect at all. There is almost a 2% chance of a player winning by randomly clicking. No idea at the mo what sequence of play causes the AI to loose and thats kind of exciting because I can't find it. So I am going to have to put somekind of logging function together to find what is causing the AI to loose.

The top left button on there runs 1,000 game simulations in nine seconds, but if I stop the code from updating the graphical display then it can run 10,000 games in just five seconds. Just goes to show that automated testing is well worth while. Every application that I have built of late has had automated testing and it has always been worth the few minuets that has taken to add.

PS3 Price Again

I was just thinking and I don't believe that I have ever spent more than £400 on anything before, with my own money.

Friday, May 26, 2006

XBox 360 Dashboard Update

Monday should bring the much anticipated dashboard update that will allow background downloading of Marketplace content. So while waiting for the latest video or demo to download there will be no need to star at a progress bar anymore. My personal favourite improvement however is persistent music, so if you are playing an album in visualisation mode then choose to play an arcade game, starting the game will not stop the music.

IGN has some Videos of some of the other improvements.

Edit: The update wasn't released on Monday.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Final Year Project

Just being looking trough a few old posts on forums that I have done and found this one in replay to someone who was thinking about doing a final year project on Voice Over IP and was asking for suggestions. The replies he was getting was about creating micro controllers for robots which I thought sounded sucky, so I posted this:
I am just finishing my final year project. Spent the whole year messing around with a way of creating games with voice recognition. Did it all in VB.Net too.

VOIP sounds good. When you choose what platform to develop with, just use the best tool for the job. Don't purposefully make life difficult for yourself because of your universities skills alignment. So what if all the lecturers hate Microsoft and love C++. You do what you think is best, for your project. You can even white a whole section of your final report slating C++ and say why C# is so much better if you like, as you need to state why you chose to develop with whatever you did over what you didn't.

I think the best projects have been the ones that are scalable where little success is good, but more success is better. That way the project scales well depending on the time you have. And if you find you can do something cool while researching or developing then your project can be adapted quickly.

Best bit of advice I can give however is to tell you to do a little bit of footwork before September. Get a very basic proof of concept working. Then you will know if VOIP is what you want to do or not. And you won't wast time understanding the very basics of your project's underlying technologies.

P.S. Also remember that when you go for job interviews having a cool final year project that you can talk about could help get you the job.
Looking at what people have done this year the only bad projects seem to have involved websites because none of those to my knowledge have ended working correctly.

I had to demo my project yesterday and I think it went well. Still want to create a website with some of my applications on as a live portfolio. And I now have permission to put my project up on there as long as I credit my supervisors and the university. So that should be cool.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Job Hunting

So after the 31st this month I will be starting my big job-hunting project that will result in me having a job. This is great as I will have an income and the opportunity to leave home, but I don't know what kind of job I want to do.

I keep considering programming as it is one of my core skills, but I don't know wither that would be fun as a job or not. I want something that I can do for two years, and puts me in good stead for the future. I did have a look at Microsoft, but at the mo they only seem to be looking for administrative people and have some of the strangest requirements on their jobs.

My Geometry Wars High Score

I was listening to a few Developer Casts while playing Geometry Wars and out of three games got fairly close to my high score, then just now I got 2,058,080 POINTS!

There is no way I am going to be getting anywhere near that score again anytime soon, but that puts me 2512th place in the world. My Previous High Score was 1,264,325 so I have improved some since then, but 2 MILLION?! I didn't know I had it in me.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Gears of War The Race to E3

For some strange reason the MTV special that followed Epic for six weeks before E3 looking at the stress of development before the big event. Isn't available outside the US. So the only way to get it is thought This Torrent file.

If you are on of those people that hate BitTorrent because it is so slow, then you need Bitlord which fixes a few things.

The special is only twenty minuets long. And I think that says it all because it needed to be longer and needed to spend less time flicking around to cover all six weeks.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Computer Graphics Assignment

My class's Computer Graphics Assignments has been Posted On The Web. Mine can be found Here. I got 83% for it and that is well above the class average (not sure if uni would like me posting that).

A lot of the images are unfinished, but this isn't an art course, marks where mainly given for the techniques used to produce the image. Mine has a vase in the bottom left hand corner that uses lath, texture, phong and scaling.

It has been an interesting module and one of the things I want to do now is have a go at creating a 3D software renderer by altering the pixel colours on a bitmap surface.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Random Fact

The emergency services number in Japan for the police is 110. And for fire & ambulance services the number is 119.


I hadn't hared of Freeboarding before and there isn't a Wikipedia page of it yet, so I guess it is something new.

So the day started out with looking at videos marked with the tag Leicester on YouTube. Then I found This. Different kind of Skateboard design I thought so I went looking and found This is how we roll and How I Roll.

Looks like it will be popular in America where they have a lot of nice long straight roads, but then I Googled and found which seems to be the place that started this and ye it looks like a lot of fun.

US Lead Invasion of the World

Unethical Video Posting

Star Wars Kid's psychiatric bill is NOTHING comapired to what This Guy will have to endure for playing World of Warcraft with his pants down.

Sony's Early Adopters

1UP as a Piece quoting the European Sony CEO as saying:
"We have built up a certain brand equity over time since the launch of PlayStation in 1995 and PS2 in 2000 that the first five million are going to buy it, whatever it is, even it didn't have games,"
And I believe him too. Even when everybody knowing how much more affordable the Wii is and knowing there is nothing to play on the PS3. On launch-day there will be a sea of Sony loving Zombies waiting outside all the electrical shops in the world, successfully recreating scenes from Dawn of the Dead.

Not that I can't completely rule-out the idea of me buying a PS3 and there are a few games I wouldn't mind playing on the PS2, but £425!!!

Supreme Commander Trailer

Fragland has the first (as far as I am aware) moving footage of the game Here. Supreme Commander is Total Annihilation 2, but under a slightly different name (probably for legal reasons) you still have a big robot to build buildings and stuff, but the scale is massive. It even has Full Scale Nukes that can destroy hundreds of units in one blast.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Windows Vista Minimum System Requirements

Computer manufacturers are being told by Microsoft that they can put a Vista compatibility sticker on their machines to better communicate to customers wither the machine will run Vista or not. There are two stickers 'Capable' and 'Premium', but from the looks of these specs it seems like most people won't need to upgrade to run the new version of Windows unlike previous launches.

DirectX 9 Capable Graphics Card

128MB Graphics Card RAM
Graphics card that supports Vista's new graphics driver model.

Yes you read the last line correctly Microsoft is now controlling the unified driver for all ATI, Nvidia and other branded cards. Not that a card needs to support the Microsoft driver, but I think compatibility will be much better with it.

So Cheap!

Wow the PS3 will probably launch in the UK priced at £425, that is such a bargain I will probably buy two. That's after I have saved up enough money of course. Might require selling a kidney or two, I can live without two kidneys right?! I will see what the Sony rep says, maybe he can offer me a finance deal or a good price for my soul.

If you hadn't noticed I am being sarcastic, they should call this thing the PS3DO.

Something Amazing

I was just in the kitchen and noticed something very strange about the digital clock on the oven. Unlike most digital clocks, when the oven clock in the kitchen reaches midnight, instead of doing the normal 00:00 thing does a 24:00 thing. Then at one minuet past does the 00:01 thing that all digital clocks do. I will try and take a picture because it just looked odd.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Something Made Me Laugh

For such a crappy day I wasn't expecting so much good stuff in the news.
  • A Party Celebrating a decade of Sony VAIO, had a Blue-Ray movie on display (the first pictured laptop is a cake), but then somebody did something terrible and pressed the eject button on the drive to see what the Blue-Ray disk looked like, but out popped a DVD!

    [EDIT] The journalist that did the above article was just BSing because a few other journalists that went to the event said so.

  • A Video of the line at the Nintendo booth. OMG!

  • This is a graph showing all the launch prices for a load of consoles. And ye the PS3 isn't expensive next to the Neo Geo and 3DO. Who both of those failed to shift units and 3DO went under because of the high price of the consoles.

Hard Day

I had a horrible day.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Test Went Well

I think my test went well today, except for the fact it's a Saturday. Realised I left my student ID card on my desk at the end of a test I had earlier in the week. That annoys me because I have had that thing for four years and I loose it when I need it for tests and when there is only three weeks left. It has probably been handed in so I can go pick it up, but being a Saturday uni is mostly closed so that will happen next week now.

Mac Ads Again

I am actually surprised that all the webcomics are missing the biggest angle on the new Mac ads. Even my beloved Ctrl+Alt+Del missed it. Anyway here is what should of happened:

Mac: Hi I am a Mac
PC: And I am a PC

Mac: I am SO much cooler than you PC, I spent all last night playing Civilisation 3
PC: O' ye, played Civ 4 yet?

Mac: No what's that?
PC: It's the much improved sequel to Civ 3, and it came out like last year!

Mac: No sorry, not with you
PC: Guild Wars? Lara Croft Tomb Raider Legend? Star Wars Empire At War? The Elder Scrolls Oblivion? Age of Empires 3? The Sims 2? ANY CSI game? ANY Grand Theft Auto?
Mac: Now I got The Sims 1 AND! got Age of Empires 2!

PC: How are you for multiplayer?
Mac: Lame
PC: I thought so

Friday, May 12, 2006


So this month I have tests for all the modules that I have been studying all year, but for some strange reason my Security Management Modal has it's test tomorrow (yes a Saturday) at 9am. I am sure University in their infinite wisdom did this for our benefit, but the reason why seems to escape me.

The funniest thing about the test tomorrow is that the case study is a telecoms company / ISP / Mobile phone provider who is buying up international companies who do similar business and who is getting concerned about it's security. I find this funny because my 2005 research report was all about a potential terrorist treat against the internet and I spent long hours pondering internet takedown, analysing the terrorist's motives and core competencies (what they are already good at). So I already am familiar with the situation discussed in the case study. Incidentally in case you are interested the conclusion for my report was that the most effective attack would be to suicide bomb a big ISP's server cluster causing complete disruption to all the ISP's customers and so touching an entire country trough loss of service (assuming the ISP has a very centralised service and they hasn't considered a centralised outage already). Anyway off bed, you don't need to wish me luck, computing security just happens to be one of my fortays.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

High Price of PS3 and Disk Space

It is believed that the high price of the PS3 is going to be because of the Blu-ray Drive. Sony says that next generation games will need the space and it is the most requested feature from developers. Then Microsoft says that DVD will be adequate and not until the end of this generation before games begin to require more than 9GB of space.

I think both points here are valid and correct as Sony is looking at this from a Japanese perspective and Microsoft is looking at this from a western perspective. Most Japanese games will have ok game graphics and then very high quality pre-rendered cinematics which require a lot of space on disk. Western games have abandoned this formula because game graphics are now good enough that a transition from realtime to pre-rendered isn't necessary and most western games use very little pre-rendered sequences making western games very space efficient. So I think Microsoft was right to stick with DVD, but I wonder if in five years time wither Japanese developers will also abandon pre-rendered sequences.

Wii Virtual Console

IGN has a Video of the virtual console in action. I think the menu will be changed, but it's nice to see it working. No idea why this wasn't in the Nintendo Conference.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Nintendo Insurance Corp

I think Nintendo could make a big killing selling specialised insurance to Wii owners. With all that swinging and hitting with the controller something is going to break. Insurance quotes would consist of sending Nintendo a few digital images of your play area and the price of some of the times you want to insure in that so an accurate quote could be given. This would either be an excellent new moneymaking scheme for Nintendo or under the sheer number of claims bankrupt them. Either way gamers would benefit. Not sure if covering personal injury as well would be such a good idea because those claims are expensive.

Microsoft E3 Conference

Loads of new informations and it looks like 360 is going to be incredibly well established by the time PS3 arrives.

Attachment rate is 4.5 games and 3 accessories per console in the US. Although Peter didn't say wither that included Arcade titles or not, but if the 4.5 number is retail games then that is very impressive for a console.

Namco, Konami, Midway and Sega are supplying a steady stream of retro titles for Arcade.

Lumines will appear on Arcade also (yes the PSP puzzle game with the music), but because of an agreement with Warner-Brothers will also feature HD music videos as part of the game.

By this holiday, 360 will have over 160 games.

For Forza Motorsport 2 Microsoft will be delivering a wireless force feedback steering wheel.

A wireless headset will also be coming this year, as well as the already announced camera and the HD-Drive (which looks nice).

GTA4 will be launched first on XBox360 and will have exclusive episodic content from Marketplace.

Microsoft seems to be trying to make a distinction that PC games are Windows games. This will actually help them sell more copies of windows as it is something Apple cannot compete with Microsoft on (I have no idea why, maybe Jobs doesn't like games very much).

Bill Gates says that before the competition hits the market 360 will be up by 10 million units sold.

Live!, Achievements and gamer profiles are coming to Windows Vista.

Vista will now have built in desktop blade for gamer profile, friends management and game achievements.

Marketplace is coming to windows mobile to promote mobile games. The potential for actually buying a game for 360 and then have it instantly available for mobile as well. Again gamer profiles and messaging is supported by the mobile platform.

Nintendo E3 Conference

Just finished watching the Nintendo conference and it was great. It started with Miyamoto conducting an orchestra with the Wii remote and ended with a four player Wii tennis game.
Wii really looks like it has a fun and intuitive controller. Nintendo will have 27 games on the show floor for people to play so expect plenty of write-ups about it.

An interesting thing that was mentioned was that the console is never turned off. There is 'on' and 'standby' which doesn't use much power, but will allow background downloading and interaction of content like with an Animal Crossing village. So while you are away friends can visit your village and leave messages and stuff.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Halo3 Trailer

Marketplace is impossible so the best place to get the trailer actually appears to be from Bungie.

I didn't like the first two, but for some strange reason I am actually looking forward to this.

UNO Downloading

It's taking it's time.

Image Hosted by

MGS4 Trailer and Wii Controler Being Used

MGS4 trailer was a little disturbing and not just because of the cum that splatters on the screen at the very end.

Seen the Wii controller being used in Red Steel and where at the Warhawk guy in the Sony demo controlled his plain in a chaotic messy way, even failing to land his plain properly. The Wii controller seems ultra sensitive although I do believe that it will increase the number of gamers suffering from Muscular Skeletal Disorders as that thing does not look comfortable for long periods of play.

Sony Press Conferance

Finally finished watching the press conference and two things. The console is too expensive and $100 for an extra 40GB!! WTF?!

Worst of all is Nintendo's position, they where so careful to make sure nobody copied their controller and then Sony comes along and updates their fifteen year old design, gives it wireless and the exact same capabilities as the Wii controller.

I think the poor looking graphics an a lot of the games is due to developer not pushing the console hard enough because it does look like it can do some nice looking stuff, but OMG Nintendo, their unique selling feature is now not so unique anymore, would suck to be them right now.

PS3 Graphics

It's difficult to tell from the videos as to what the PS3 is capable of, but the graphics from the trailers come in two categories. Either they are so good that I can't tell wither they are in-game or pre-rendered as in the case with Assassin's Creed or they look exactly like an XBox game running on a 360 with poor graphics, but a nice sharp resolution as in Bladestorm.

If you watch the Bladestorm trailer you will realise that it is short and poorly encoded. This is the state of most of the PS3 trailer so far and I believe this is deliberate on Sony's part.

Would link to a few more, but I have an IT Service test at twelve and I want to get there early.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Marketplace Server Broke

Looks like the Marketplace servers are broke as they won't let me download anything now. Don't know how Microsoft is going to fair tomorrow, but things don't look good.

E360 Content

I can hear some faint groaning coming down my cable from the Marketplace servers.

Image Hosted by

Sunscreen / Suncream

I like looking tanned, at the mo my skin is untanned. I want to look as good as I can for as long as I can. I know that the sun will make my skin look older than I am as I get older, so I wear Sunscreen.

And while on the subject of skincare. Soap is the worst thing you can put on your face. Even Dove which claims to have one quarter moisturising oil and a neutral PH will dry your skin. Instead use a daily face wash or just warm water.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Some Second Life Stuff

So I spent a little while in second life today and I took a few photos:

This is a furry club that I went to. They had some great music.
Free Image Hosting at

Me relaxing.
Free Image Hosting at

Would you believe this guy has been paid to stand in a box and model clothes! Even stranger later on I discovered Money Chairs which give whoever sit in them money. This is designed to get the popularity rating of clubs and bars up to get a higher ranking on Second Life's search engine.
Free Image Hosting at

A rock that actuality tells you what the weather is with 100% accuracy.
Free Image Hosting at

O' Rly?
If I right click on this image and select buy I can get this tshirt. Witch I didn't.
Free Image Hosting at

I was going to take a picture of a cinema I went to, but I didn't want to get sued or anything, because they where showing the first ten minuets of Hostal.

New Spore Footage

You can see the new trailer over at YouTube Here.

The Numbers they DON'T want YOU to Have

Every been in the situation where you have wanted to speak to a person on the phone who works at Amazon, eBay or PayPal, but been unable to find a telephone number to call?!

Well is just one big list of customer service numbers from big companies who for some reason fail to put their telephone number anywhere on their website.

Viva La Internet!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

XBox Live! is like SO Innovative

Next week Microsoft will be singing about how successful Live! has been and will probably start pushing so much content onto Arcade and Marketplace that Sony and Nintendo find it hard to invade into, but the thing is that Nintendo actually did an arcade like service first called Satellaview for the SNES. Players could subscribe to a service, create an Avatar, walk around an Animal Crossing type town and play games that where downloaded through the service.

Random Fact

Super Mario Brothers 2 for the NES was called Doki Doki Panic when it was originally released in Japan and featured slightly different characters.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Network Performance Update

And what is this, what has reduced Microsoft's powerful network to this crawling wreck, a Top Spin 2 demo, that's what!

Image Hosted by

360 Network Performance

Somehow I don't think Microsoft's network is going to be able to handle E3.

Image Hosted by

For comparison here is what is should look like:

Image Hosted by

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Microsoft has a team of typographers that do a lot of work trying to improve the lives of readers all around the world. They do research on eye tracking, what increases reading speeds, decreases reading speeds and they are a very opinionated bunch, but their latest creation is Clear Type which was originally designed to take advantage of sub-pixel rendering of fonts on LCD screens. With a CRT screen a pixel is either red, green, blue or a combination of those colours from black to white, but with LCD displays each pixel is made up of three concentric diodes which from a few feet away look just like one pixel. So by manipulating the individual diodes instead of the whole pixel a better rendered font can be created (the article in the link above has more on this).

So anyway Clear Type will be making it's way into Vista and for that the typography team have invested a lot of time and effort creating some new fonts as the ones we are using today where created with the limitations of pixels.

One of the fonts they have developed is called Consolas which has been specifically designed for programmers, who incidentally spend an awful lot of time looking at text.

Today Consolas can be downloaded for Visual Studio 2005 from Here. I have installed it, it might take a little getting used to, but on a CRT Clear Type just looks like antialiased text anyway, but below is a before and after Clear Type.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

Sometime in the Early Hours of Tomorrow Morning

01.02.03 04/05/06

Apple's New Ad Campaign

So Apple has a new US ad campaign (hope I doesn't make it to the UK) called Gat A Mac. This is yet another in a growing list of human conversation advertisements that Americans are being subjected to. The US has had these kind of ads since they where being sold cigarettes at the dawn of television. Even the FlintStones once proclaimed the benefits of Winston Cigarettes. Although that was before people realised about the Effect it was having.

Anyway after a long absence this kind of one-on-one conversation ad is back. Phillips is doing it with their campaign which is cheesy, but then the average American finds it difficult to talk about male grooming so that's ok. And then there is the Game Killers by Axe (known as Linx in the UK) whitch is also trying to be you're best friend.

My problem with this kind of advert is that they pretend to have a conversation with me, but they don't have an adult conversation with me. The issue is especially present in the Phillips campaign. There are glaring details left-out from the conversations just like in the good-old days of the tobacco advert and I find that frustrating. Talk to me, pitch me a product, even show me some of those Sony Third Place Ads again, but not this silly conversation stuff!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It Has Past

Half an hour later than it should have has been updated. MyXbox looks very different and you can now send and receive messages from the web.

No dashboard update and download seepds are back to normal, but I suspect not many people are downloading right now.

XBox360 E3 Content List

Only a few hours until Live! is backup and we can all see what has changed, but until then The Good Major has posted a lit of what will be released on Marketplace over E3:
    Playable game demos and/or trailers from highly anticipated titles like:

  • Crackdown (Microsoft Game Studios)
  • Dead or Alive® : Xtreme 2 (Tecmo)
  • The Lord of the Rings ™, The Battle for Middle Earth™ II (EA Los Angeles)
  • Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (Capcom)
  • Moto GP™ ’06 (THQ)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog™ (Sega)
  • Splinter Cell Double Agent ™ (Ubisoft)
  • Test Drive Unlimited (Atari)
  • Viva PiƱata (Microsoft Game Studios)
  • Plus a flood of HD trailers from games that have yet to be announced

  • Call of Duty®2 – New Multiplayer Map Packs (Activision)
  • The release of UNO on Xbox Live Arcade
  • Game with Fame celebrity gaming sessions with stars like Jenny McCarthy, Method Man and Panic Channel (Featuring Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins, Chris Chaney and Steve Isaacs).
  • Play and Win contests with the latest Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade titles
  • Exclusive high-definition blockbuster movie trailer downloads
  • Limited edition E3 Gamerpics and Themes
  • A Backstage Pass to see developers preparing for E3
Now I don't know about you, but i wasn't expecting a Viva Pinata demo so soon.

Name Development Comments On The Wii

This is a company that just makes up names. So I was interested in what they Had To Say.

Strange Game Controllers

Strange Game Controllers

Monday, May 01, 2006

Something Not Right in the Land of Live!

When I first started downloading stuff from live my little NetMetre program display would all red and I would be getting a constant 250K/s download rate, which is my top download speed. Right now however I don't seem to be getting anything like that at all. This has actually been getting progressively worse, supposedly as more people have been getting 360s and downloading stuff. So I am thinking the maintenance tomorrow might upgrade the network a little and prevent Live from disappearing from the internet come E3.

Image Hosted by

No Dashboard Update

Tuesday XBoxLive!, and the XBox Forums will be down for maintenance, but there won't be a dashboard upgrade.


A while ago I did a Post about the research Microsoft did at Cambridge with camera effects and stuff to make using a webcam more fun. Call me crazy, but I still think Microsoft will be using this with the 360 cam.

Anyway I don't know wither it just applies to the Logitech Orbit Cam, but you can indeed do all these cool visual effects with that camera, Check This Video.