Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Apple's New Ad Campaign

So Apple has a new US ad campaign (hope I doesn't make it to the UK) called Gat A Mac. This is yet another in a growing list of human conversation advertisements that Americans are being subjected to. The US has had these kind of ads since they where being sold cigarettes at the dawn of television. Even the FlintStones once proclaimed the benefits of Winston Cigarettes. Although that was before people realised about the Effect it was having.

Anyway after a long absence this kind of one-on-one conversation ad is back. Phillips is doing it with their campaign which is cheesy, but then the average American finds it difficult to talk about male grooming so that's ok. And then there is the Game Killers by Axe (known as Linx in the UK) whitch is also trying to be you're best friend.

My problem with this kind of advert is that they pretend to have a conversation with me, but they don't have an adult conversation with me. The issue is especially present in the Phillips campaign. There are glaring details left-out from the conversations just like in the good-old days of the tobacco advert and I find that frustrating. Talk to me, pitch me a product, even show me some of those Sony Third Place Ads again, but not this silly conversation stuff!