Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Narbacular Drop

I was going to post this earlier in the month, but I am finding it very difficult to manage a full time job and my hobbies.

So anyway before Portal there was Narbacular Drop a Digipen student project that was seen by Valve, the students that made it where hired by ValVe and they then created Portal.

ND is nowhere near as good as Portal, but what ND lacks in quality it makes up in originality, it is interesting to see where the team came from and nice to have a good look at a student project that actually got someone a job.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

TimeShift (Not Completed)

TimeShift has some of the most generic boring levels that remind me of a few WW2 FPSs that I forget the name of because they where so generic and Red Faction. The AI is boring and the time powers that allow you to stop time and such just don't feel special because the combat is so mediocre.

The level design is dull and linear. The weapons are all FPS standard eqips and the whole thing feels like one big wast of time to play. Not even the story is a saving grace because it is so shallow.

If you haven't played an FPS before then you might like TimeShift otherwise you have practically already played it.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kevin Smith Protesting His Own Film

Writer and Director Kevin Smith does tours where people can ask him questions about being an independent director stuff and it's all very amusing because he is an interesting guy who isn't afraid of putting himself out there. So amusing are these talks that you can get them on DVD, titled as An Evening With Kevin Smith. One of the things Kevin has talked about (I think on the first Evening With Kevin Smith DVD) is when he went to a protest against his own film, Dogma. These is a video of him talking about that below, but he talks about being interviewed on TV about the film he was protesting as a protester which I thought was funny, but it is only until recently that I seen the second video that I am linking to, which is the actual news footage of that interview with him protesting his own film!

University Talk

TV Interview

[via Digg]

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Got A Job!

I started at my first full time job last week. I am supposed to be working as Admin in a hotel, but since it is a new hotel and it is short staffed I am having to do a lot of other things at the moment. So things seem to be looking up.

Currently playing TimeShift and Naruto Rise of a Ninja both on the 360. Naruto is a lot of fun, but TimeShift despite being able to control time has boring level design so the levels all feel very slow.