Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Something Made Me Laugh

For such a crappy day I wasn't expecting so much good stuff in the news.
  • A Party Celebrating a decade of Sony VAIO, had a Blue-Ray movie on display (the first pictured laptop is a cake), but then somebody did something terrible and pressed the eject button on the drive to see what the Blue-Ray disk looked like, but out popped a DVD!

    [EDIT] The journalist that did the above article was just BSing because a few other journalists that went to the event said so.

  • A Video of the line at the Nintendo booth. OMG!

  • This is a graph showing all the launch prices for a load of consoles. And ye the PS3 isn't expensive next to the Neo Geo and 3DO. Who both of those failed to shift units and 3DO went under because of the high price of the consoles.