Monday, May 29, 2006

Random Geometry Wars 2 Idea

Been thinking of what Bizarre Creations could do with a sequel to improve the game and other than adding new enemies, a story arc (which could be bad) and bosses (which would be bad). For the gameplay I have two ideas.

One consolidate the lives and bombs to be the same unit measurement. So using a bomb is still preferable to dieing, but they are both the same thing. This will mean that when you loose the game you won't have any remaining bombs because bombs and lives are the same thing (this was done very will in F-zero X).

And secondly adding a system where if the player presses the bomb button at the very moment of death their life is saved, a bomb effect happens and they get bonus points. There has been a few occasions where things have gotten so close that it is hard to tell wither I have died or hit the bomb button first, so I think it would be cool to be rewarded for such skill.

Still no official word on a sequel, but I don't think they can ignore the success of the first game or the potential demand for a second.