Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Microsoft E3 Conference

Loads of new informations and it looks like 360 is going to be incredibly well established by the time PS3 arrives.

Attachment rate is 4.5 games and 3 accessories per console in the US. Although Peter didn't say wither that included Arcade titles or not, but if the 4.5 number is retail games then that is very impressive for a console.

Namco, Konami, Midway and Sega are supplying a steady stream of retro titles for Arcade.

Lumines will appear on Arcade also (yes the PSP puzzle game with the music), but because of an agreement with Warner-Brothers will also feature HD music videos as part of the game.

By this holiday, 360 will have over 160 games.

For Forza Motorsport 2 Microsoft will be delivering a wireless force feedback steering wheel.

A wireless headset will also be coming this year, as well as the already announced camera and the HD-Drive (which looks nice).

GTA4 will be launched first on XBox360 and will have exclusive episodic content from Marketplace.

Microsoft seems to be trying to make a distinction that PC games are Windows games. This will actually help them sell more copies of windows as it is something Apple cannot compete with Microsoft on (I have no idea why, maybe Jobs doesn't like games very much).

Bill Gates says that before the competition hits the market 360 will be up by 10 million units sold.

Live!, Achievements and gamer profiles are coming to Windows Vista.

Vista will now have built in desktop blade for gamer profile, friends management and game achievements.

Marketplace is coming to windows mobile to promote mobile games. The potential for actually buying a game for 360 and then have it instantly available for mobile as well. Again gamer profiles and messaging is supported by the mobile platform.