Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Geometry Wars Retro Evolved (Completed)

I finally managed to get the converted one million point score on Geometry Wars Retro Evolved (my actual high score is 1,264,325) so I guess that means that I have completed it.

This is going to be very short because this game is just very good in all areas. It's addictive nature comes from what I am now going to call Nondeterministic Death Phenomena or NDP for short. What this means is that at no point in the game do you know when you are going to die. This means that when you do die there is an immediate knee-jerk reaction that death could have been avoided. GWRE achieves this by having very simple and easy to kill enemies.
"I almost had it that time!"
- GWRE Player
Compared to the Retro game mode Evolved is alot easier with slower opponents and a bigger game surface. No single enemy would ever possibly kill the player in a straight fight. The player is completely overpowered considering the enemies, but because GWRE keeps filling the screen with more and more enemies with each passing second there is an ever increasing chance that the player might die by being placed in an awkward or unfamiliar situation. Difficulty of the game thus increases by the control and increasing number of these death circumstances as the game progresses by filling the screen with loads of easy opponents.

NDP is also present in Tetris where the shapes will fall ever faster, but GWRE does a much better job at implementing NDP as there is no indication at any stage of the game wither it is going to be a high scoring or low scoring game. With Tetris you can see a game going bad long before the player actually dies, but with GWRE this is not the case at all. Thus GWRE uses NDP to better effect than Tetris, so in theory GWRE should be a more addictive game.

Live support only makes the game ten times better with the leader boards (global ranking can be viewed by cycling through the filters). This is most certainly a modern day classic that everybody will be talking about for years to come.

Additional: Just been thinking and the game could be made much more addictive by having a better reward sound for killing the enemies.