Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mac Ads Again

I am actually surprised that all the webcomics are missing the biggest angle on the new Mac ads. Even my beloved Ctrl+Alt+Del missed it. Anyway here is what should of happened:

Mac: Hi I am a Mac
PC: And I am a PC

Mac: I am SO much cooler than you PC, I spent all last night playing Civilisation 3
PC: O' ye, played Civ 4 yet?

Mac: No what's that?
PC: It's the much improved sequel to Civ 3, and it came out like last year!

Mac: No sorry, not with you
PC: Guild Wars? Lara Croft Tomb Raider Legend? Star Wars Empire At War? The Elder Scrolls Oblivion? Age of Empires 3? The Sims 2? ANY CSI game? ANY Grand Theft Auto?
Mac: Now I got The Sims 1 AND! got Age of Empires 2!

PC: How are you for multiplayer?
Mac: Lame
PC: I thought so