Friday, May 12, 2006


So this month I have tests for all the modules that I have been studying all year, but for some strange reason my Security Management Modal has it's test tomorrow (yes a Saturday) at 9am. I am sure University in their infinite wisdom did this for our benefit, but the reason why seems to escape me.

The funniest thing about the test tomorrow is that the case study is a telecoms company / ISP / Mobile phone provider who is buying up international companies who do similar business and who is getting concerned about it's security. I find this funny because my 2005 research report was all about a potential terrorist treat against the internet and I spent long hours pondering internet takedown, analysing the terrorist's motives and core competencies (what they are already good at). So I already am familiar with the situation discussed in the case study. Incidentally in case you are interested the conclusion for my report was that the most effective attack would be to suicide bomb a big ISP's server cluster causing complete disruption to all the ISP's customers and so touching an entire country trough loss of service (assuming the ISP has a very centralised service and they hasn't considered a centralised outage already). Anyway off bed, you don't need to wish me luck, computing security just happens to be one of my fortays.