Friday, October 29, 2004

Bin Laden Video And The Election Connection

I haven't linked to anything in this post to improve delivery and it's read.

Bush Vs Georg, I didn't give a shit, but with this one, Bush has to loose. And it looks like Binny is taking as much an interest in this election as everyone else is. That is obvious because of the timing of his video.

If Binny wanted Bush to be re-elected he would do some bombing, but since he appears in a very neutral setting (i.e without an AK47 in his hand) he is obviously appealing for people to see he is well and for them to listen to the words he is speaking.

The jist:
  • We stand for freedom and we don't like America's policies.

  • Bush is lying to the American people and his staff and his advisors are corrupt.

  • Bush's reaction to the initial strike was to continue listening to a child read (as opposed to running off and handle the situation, like anybody would do who discovered their house was on-fire).
Neither have capitalised on the video yet, but I expect something like this:

Bush Capitalising
He will say "see Bin Laden is still out there, let me finish the job! *shakes fist* "

Kerry Capitalising
He will say "see Bin Laden is still out there, Bush has spent not millions, but billions of US dollars trying to bring him down, Bush has invaded two countries and as we have just discovered, killed over 100,000 innocent civilians in his mad crusade against this one individual, and still Bin Laden taunting us. Get this madman out of the Whitehorse! *shakes fist* "

Bush supporters all seem to be saying the same thing "I wanna leader who can kick the shit out of our enemies"

Unfortunately they fail to realise that America can't fight all it's battles on it's own and can't win all it's battles or cope with the growing coast of the cleanup operations.

As much as America like to portray itself as a huge muscle in the world, it is not strong enough to go it alone. Both Kerry and Bush realise this, but neither will admit to it because saying "I will work with other nations and the UN" is seen as weak.

This co called threat America is now facing from the evil lords of terror, is overhyped and the war America is fighting is one constructed and kept going not by the hands of terrorists, but by the hands of George W Bush.

The so called terrorists in Iraq are more like resistance fighters that just want the American pig dogs to leave and go home.

So to my point, America, the American people and the world. Will be better off without a president that wants to continue this mad crusade. And I think Binny thinks so too.