Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Download Speeds

I decided to download the The Matrix Online Client because I am almost guaranteed a place (not going into that now) and I just realised that my download of 1.56GB according to FilePlanet's neat little download client, will take about 4 hours (tis fast)!

Now working this in Excel my connection can pull (from test data) 421MBph (Mega Bytes Per Hour) at 120KBps.

So here is an interesting thing.
On my new 1.1MBps connection I can download 421MB in an hour.
On my old 512Kbps connection I could download 210MB in an hour.
On my old 56Kbps connection I could download 15MB in an hour.
And on my old 14.5Kbps connection (we are talking 1995 here) I could download a whole 4MB in an hour!
So in ten years we have come a long way with home internet connection speeds, but just for fun, the same amount of data that I can download in an hour with my new connection would take my 14Kbps Modem four and a half days to download!

And Matrix Online's Client of 1,600MB would have taken my 14.5Kbps Modem (drum-roll) seventeen days of uninterrupted downloading to finish. And to think I will do all that in under four hours!