Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Artificial Intelligence Exercise 1 (Uni)

Deliverable 1 requires me to write a three page report on an Expert System detailing the problem it solves and how the system actually works.

An expert system is basically a simple AI system that asks the user for input and looks at a database for the answer, 20Q is a good example of this, but since it doesn't solve a real world problem it isn't suitable.

After thinking about the task I came to the conclusion that the only good problem solving Expert System was going to be one a company had made, (an Anti Virus for example) but unfortunately companies don't like giving that information out to the public. So theoretically the only solution was to find an open source Expert System.

After spending the whole day looking for one, and after looking through two years back-catalogue of Expert Systems I finally found an article on a system designed to help people designing liquid-retaining structures, like water towers.

Not the most interesting of subject, but it's a start. Now I just need to read it and write three pages on it.