Wednesday, October 06, 2004

MY Gillette M3Power

I have been shaving with a M3Power for a few weeks now and still wondering wither the built in vibrator actually makes any difference, this morning I decided to shave half of my face with the vibration on, and the other half with the vibration off (I know I am a sad person).

After shaving and letting my face dry I can say there is a difference, but it's so insignificant. I can't see any difference, and I can't exactly feel any difference, but there is slightly more friction, over the side where I shaved with the razer turned off. So I really don't think it's worth turning the thing on anymore.

I could now go into a rant about how a lot of people somehow manage to live with an electric razer, but I think maybe we have reached an innovation flat, as far as safety razor design goes. And it's as good as it will get.

They could always release a sonic blade razor, where the blade is vibrated at it's sonic frequency to create a kind of sawing motion, but I think they would loose money through that, because people wouldn't buy so many blades.