Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Innovating A New Kind Of Difficulty (Myst IV)

This is the first adventure/puzzle game I have played where there is a built in walkthrough that you can access at anytime (we have had hinting systems before, but never walkthroughs). It has a map with all the Age puzzles marked on and there are three levels of hints. Level one is suttle, level two exsplains and level three is a solve telling you exsactly how to compleat the puzzle. And yet I am still stuck!

The game is so new there isn't any convential user written walkthroughs yet. On Haven there are five pillars around the age each with a marking on, and each pillar is placed in an animal's prefered habitat. Matching the symbol to the animal allows me to solve a combination lock, but the problem is that the lock has no distinguishing animal shapes on and the supplied walkthrough refers to the animals by name! I don't know what the thing is called! It's big and has horns!

So I have the animal and the matching shape, but I still don't know with lock tumbler corresponds to which animal.