Friday, October 15, 2004


The BBC is saying that one of our regiments might be placed under American control! We all know the Americans are short staffed and things have been getting worse, but allowing them control of one of our units would be one of the worst decisions ever.

Apart from the cultural difference with American soldiers seeing themselves as worriers of freedom who must smite evil. Our soldiers won't respect whatever is giving them orders because I am sure they have seen for themselves by now how the Americans carry themselves on the battlefield.

How can the Americans ask this! We have refused before, but it actually seems like the request is being considered this time because it would allow us to capture the guys that killed Ken.

It would be a huge mistake, and I know the decision is between justice for ken or another possible friendly fire massacre by the hand of our allies, but no! It feels wrong, it smells like a mistake, the guys won't make it home for Christmas and if they do go into combat a lot of them won't make it back at all (and I am not taking about being killed by enemy fire here).