Sunday, August 01, 2004

Social Situations I Can't Handle

The most interesting thing that happened to me to day was a knock at my door. It was a kid from down the road (probably about seven years old) that had been playing football and he got some oil on his ball from my car (it was some kind of black greese).

I told him it would probably clean off, but other than that I had absolutely no idea what to say. At this he just stood there and looks at me. I said something about getting my dad to have a look at the car (and I will mention it), but I have absolutely no idea how to handle these kinds of situations. Not when there is nothing rational to say and the poor kid just keeps looking up at me with his cute little face.

Thinking of it now, my dad would have probably cleaned his ball for him, and that's probably what I should have done, but at the time I was dumbfounded.

P.S. Apparently Doom3 has been leaked. And I think that goes to show that developers should take internal security more seriously.