Friday, October 22, 2004

Random Thought (Rant)

I was reading Some Guys Discussion Of Ever Quest 2 over at EvilAvatar and they mention that EQ2 feels like work.

Now FilePlanet hasn't posted any EQ2 keys yet, but after trying to imagine EQ2 as work I can only guess that it has a terrible Treadmill Level-up system (i.e you spend the first few weeks of play killing white-rabbits before you have a high enough level to move onto red-rabbits).

Now the treadmill system is on one hand traditional, but because the developers want people to play the game for years, characters level-up very slowly and it takes seemingly forever. And so killing little white-rabbits all day just isn't fun for me.

Now in traditional RPG games there are several ways to level-up and these include:
  • Killing stuff
  • Completing a quest
  • Doing the same task repeatedly
  • Exploring a new area or making a discovery

If we eliminated all of those except experience gained through completing story driven quests I think that would largely solve the treadmill problem.

And I think The Matrix Online uses this idea, but I don't know (and yes I have been on the beta for three days now, but I Can't Say Anything) so it will be interesting to really play a game that uses that-kind of idea because the story would develop as your character does (that's if it's an MMO that even has a story).