Thursday, July 06, 2006

Interesting Day

I have passed this year at uni. Despite failing my Security Module test (still find that puzzling, but whatever) that is ok because it was the only bad mark I got and it wasn't under 30% so that means I pass, apparently.

Been waiting for an email from an organiser that should be able to get me and FooFly into the UK's first Develop Conference next week. I will have to do some chasing tomorrow as I haven't received all the details yet, and I still need to find someplace to stay, but it's happening.

And because I might be going someplace interesting next week and got my graduation the week after I thought now would be a good time to buy a new mobile phone. My Sony Ericsson T610 has served me well, but I wanted it to have a better camera and it takes too long for me to take pictures with it. So I have bought a Sony Ericsson K750i which is very much the same, but has a wicked camera. Simply move the shutter and the camera wakes up and goes into camera mode. Plus the pictures it takes are great and comparable to my digital camera. Am still trying to get it to talk to my PC as it wasn't seeing my Belkin USB adaptor earlier, but I should get something working tonight or tomorrow.