Friday, July 07, 2006

Bluetooth Transfer Speeds With My K750i

I managed to get the bluetooth file transfer working between my PC and K750i. Below as a picture I took yesterday of my 360 for a comparison against The Picture I Took in Currys of their broken 360.

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So as you can see the image is much bigger. Looking at the number of pixels on my new phone against my old, the new one has 95% more pixels.
I took the same picture with my two mega-pixel digital camera and both images look surprisingly similar. I would have posted that too as a comparison, but where as the image from my new phone is 233KB, the one from my camera is 1.13MB. To post that here I would have to compress the image and that would make it an unfair comparison.

The cut-up mouse pads under my 360 are there as vibration/sound dampening to stop it rattling the stuff on my desk (it's near whisper quiet now).

Anyway I have been transferring files back and forth for a good part of the day. And transfer is slow over bluetooth. I worked it out based on knowing how big a file was and how long it took to transfer that the transfer rate over bluetooth is 9.71KB/s which is ok, but when transferring a 10MB MP3 file takes nearly 20 minuets. I might try the USB data cable that came with it. And that's odd, normally you have to buy the data cable separately for mobiles which is why I bought a bluetooth adaptor for my PC in the first place, but with this phone the data cable came in the box.