Monday, March 06, 2006

Xbox360 on Order

So I ordered a Premium Xbox360 with the loverly guys over at Gameplay. I would like the console to arrive before Oblivion then I could have a play around with some of the arcade titles.

I have Heared a Rumour that Microsoft has fixed whatever production problems they where having in the second version of the 360. Which would make sense, I just hope that it's true.

Most consoles go through several versions without consumers being aware and the only time I have ever heard anybody being aware of the different versions was with some generation one XBox owners who couldn't run Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. And if you want to get your console modded then you will have to be aware of the different versions because each new iteration brings better copy protection, but most people never notice as the motivation for doing a new iteration is to reduce production costs. If there was any advantage in having a newer version then it is marketed as such like Nintendo does with each new generation of GameBoy.