Sunday, March 05, 2006

Dull Little Boxes

Apple has redone their Intel advert. The Origenal Advert uses the phrase "dull little boxes", but there is a rumour that this upset Dell who is one of Intel's biggest customers. And Apple just released a New Advert simply referring to the Intel chip "spending years inside PCs".

This got me thinking because before the PC Vs Mac (for which the Mac is a PC) when they where doing Dull Little Box Vs Mac, as a gamer a Mac is the Dull Little Box. As a gamer I can't justify a Mac because it is overpriced and has VERY few games for it. Looking at the Apple Store they only have 81 games and that might sound a lot, but this includes a lot of classic legacy titles. So from a gamers perspective the Mac is a dull white box as even it's new titles are still last year's PC titles.

It's funny that Halo was going to change all that, but Bungie got bought by Microsoft because they needed a killer-app for the XBox. And Apple's best selling title Age of Empires II (lol, ye two not three) is published by Microsoft. The two the newest title for the Mac are Myst V: End of Ages and Doom 3.