Saturday, March 04, 2006

Gosh Darn It

Been looking at the online shops for 360's and everybody has core systems and no premium. Simply Games (never used them before) says on their page that they have a two month waiting list.

I think this now requires a little investigation into wither the retail stores that are selling bundles actually have any premiums in stock or wither it just appears that they do.

If I was to buy a Core system, a Hard Drive and a wireless controller for which I want a Premium for, then I will be wasting £32.98, but nobody seems to have any Hard Drives in stock either so logical course of action would be to simply place a reorder for a premium and wait, but the normal place I do that Amazon isn't actually taking any orders themselves. So that means I would have to preorder from somebody where I can't track the order status online and to findout what is happening would require the use of the phone and maybe some social hacking.

Still in other news assignments are going well to very well and if I don't get a good mark on all of them then I will be annoyed. Everything I have produced so far this year has been way above my normal standard. Bob my current and third final year project supervisor thinks I can get a 2-1 Degree, but I don't care about that, I just want Oblivion, the assignment work helps keep my mind off it.