Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Feeling Down

Spent five days working very hard on my Compilers assignment, haven't done anything today, but my hands still hurt because of all the typing I have been doing. I was feeling very positive about the whole assignment and things where going great, then I realised that everything I had done was wrong and I had completely wasted my time.

It's not like I don't know now what to do to rectify the problem, it's not like I don't have ample time to do it in as I started early, or that I can't use what I have done to show something that doesn't work and say why, but that good feeling I had is gone and it's left me on a bit of a down. A few weeks ago I tried to verify my work before I started implementing to try and avoid this very situation, but I couldn't find any supporting material so I went off from what I thought was correct and now I can see clearly that I was wrong. Will take half a days worth of typing to sort it out, but my hands still hurt and I have so very much work to do.