Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Survey That Still Bothers Me

This has been on my mind for the past month and I still find it hard to believe.

I was reading the raw results of a survey done at Loughborough university and there was two questions that caught my eye.

1) Have you had a HIV test at an STD clinic?

2) What is your HIV status?

The results suggested that 5% of everybody that had a HIV test discovered that they where positive. That is 1 in 20 people, but this is university students so probably aged 18 to 25. That means that the percentage for the greater population is much higher. Although there people did go and have a HIV test for a reason, it is still worrying.

HIV isn't the death sentence that it once was and that is show in This graph on the National Statistics website, but it is very clear that the rate of people getting HIV is still climbing at a very worrying rate.

There doesn't seem to be any statistics on how people with HIV contracted the disease, blood to blood, anal sex, vaginal sex, oral sex, kissing or other, but HIV is an unnecessary disease in this world because the simple use of a latex sleeve (a condom) can prevent transmission. There are religious people in this would who actively campaign against the use of contraception and state that condoms won't protect, but then there are couples where only one of them is positive, and that is because they use protection.