Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Channel4 tonight started showing Lost. Episode two is on right now as part of a double showing, but I already feel like I can comment on the series already so here we go.

The series is very vague about everything and is very much 'empty television' gaps when people are talking, lots of smalltalk and long sequences where people are just walking around looking for stuff. And nobody seems to be asking or tying to answer the big questions.

We don't know where they where flying from or where they where going, nobody seems to be interested in saying why they where travelling which is a natural conversation when you meet someone in transit.

The big monster, wow, so nobody has actually been talking about trapping, killing or defending against it in any of the conversations, not even naming the thing, just refering to it as 'that'. It is day two as far as I can tell and everybody is still very content to sit around the beach and look at the bodies. Normally people would be trying to setup a camp or at least search through and sort the wreckage or luggage compartments, but no.

If it is day two, and I assume it is because there was a night sequence with the monster an hour and a half ago during episode one, they why the hell hasn't people's cuts started the scab over!