Thursday, August 11, 2005

New Power Supply And My Neon Fetish

So five months after (I didn't realise it was so long) I first suspected there was something wrong with my power supply, I finally got around to installing my new one.

The scary thing is, that when I tested my Thermaltake after I had removed it. I found that it is in perfect working order and whisper quiet. So I have no idea what was causing that noise a few months ago. When it happened I removed the side panel and had a listen and I thought it was the powersupply. And since then I thought it was causing a noise, but I now know that is my GeForce6 graphics card. So I was very wrong in my diagnosis (not the first time).

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The New Powersupply is good and the neon light inside complements the neon light on my GeForce6, and my neon tube light that lights everything else up, in neon.