Sunday, February 13, 2005

Just Let Star Trek Die, PLEASE!

In Star Trek's history it has been cancelled a few times, but always the fans have fought bravely and the studios have chosen to continue production. And after last week's Announcement the fans once again went into action.

One of the things EnterpriseFans is doing, is taking out an AD in the LA Times (PDF). And I encourage all these fans to just let it drop for once. Star Trek has had a full life and tarnished the image of Sci-Fi enough for once. Sci-fi has always been one of my lasting loves, but whenever I say that it sounds tacky because most people immediately think of dorks cosplaying as aliens with pointy ears or even dorks running round with Lightsabers, but sci-fi has a long rich history that isn't appreciated. Maybe that because of years of shaky sets and tacky clothing, but in the future I am sure people will look on it differently. At the mo it is still almost shameful to love sci-fi and I blame Star Trek and its legions of dorky followers.