Monday, February 14, 2005

Nintendo Shows Signs Of Getting It's Finger Out

Yep the normally slow and forward thinking yet seemingly little doing Nintendo, has given up its position on keeping gaming platforms separate from everything else by Purchasing Some PDA Software for the DS.

I was disappointed that the DS wasn't launched with a calender, calculator, reminders, notes or address book function built in, but then I kind of expected that from Nintendo because they have always said that gaming platforms should be used for nothing else. So I was quite prepared to wait for a third party to do this, but now Nintendo has done it all by themselves!

The touchscreen is the most obvious advantage the DS has over the PSP so this is a great move, but you are still going to have to wait until E3 before it is even shown officialy to the public. Personally I would release the damed thing as fast as possible because the longer they wait the more sales they will loose to the PSP and anyway we will be entering into a media deadzone in the runup to E3 soon, so that would be a good time to give people something to talk about. These functions aren't big, but for a lot of people having something with them that they can take notes on or set reminders is very important, plus it can encourage existing DS users to take their console out and about more.