Sunday, March 04, 2007

Crackdown Achievement Annoyance

There is one type of achievement that I hate and that is the kind that requires you to become the number one player in the world, but just today I think I found another.

There are two achievements that I have been trying to get in Crackdown and they are to get all the Agility Orbs and the Hidden Orbs. Firstly I didn't care about the Hidden Orbs, but after getting 499 of 500 Agility Orbs I started to look for all the hidden Orbs with Some Help in the hope that the last Agility Orb would appear. I now have 299 of 300 Hidden Orbs and I still haven't found the last Agility Orb.

So after putting in more than eight hours respecify on these two achievements with no sign of completion (as I don't know where either Orb is, even after checking off all the orbs on walkthroughs). I feel a little bit dejected and wish the game offered just a little more help than what it does for finding that last Orb. Even the Official Prima Guide is missing Orbs from their walkthrough so I guess I won't be the only one in this position, but I am not happy after putting so much time into searching.

If there was some stats for each island on how many Orbs where available still to collect, that would help me a lot and on that it would also be helpful to have stats on race times as I don't know witch races I am competing against my best time and which are set for the race achievement, which is another annoyance. Good game though.