Wednesday, February 28, 2007

U.S Presidential Candidates 2008

So next year is a big year for the USA as they vote for a new president. So I had a look earlier at the candidates just to see if there is anybody worse than Bush was running and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to distinguish the candidates apart.

Now remember that that these guys have several objectives to get people to vote for them. Firstly they are going to appear friendly, trustworthy, strong and then appeal to several core human concepts of Vulnerability (protecting the weak), Injustice (we didn't ask for the war), Distrust (those lying whoever, who's fault it is) and Superiority (we are stronger than them).

  • Sam Brownback
    If you watch the video you will see he is just another smiling idiot like Bush is. I don't trust this guy at all because it all feels very fake.

  • Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton

    Hillery does ok, but her message feels very coached and empty (Link to Video).

  • Barack Hussein Obama

    Barack's sitdown face talking video has Bad Audio so instead I have linked below to the speech he did announcing his race for presidency which I think shows him off well.

    Out of the three I like Barack because he doesn't feel like he is putting anything on or using any tricks to get support (which in itself could be seen as a tick). I think he imagines himself to be a natural public speaker like Abraham Lincoln was. So his site has lots of videos with him surrounded by the public in the open air engaging with his audience. He also doesn't make things simple by talking about "You & Him Vs Them" which I always hate because it makes people bipolar and is a distraction from how the world really is (we all breath the same air). Instead he talks about listening to what people want and then giving people what they want by compromising and working for what people want.

    And then there are a few other things I like:
    -He doesn't come from a wealthy family as is common for presidents
    -Would be the first black president
    -Is Protestant
    -Has the middle name Hussein

    And I like how he leverages his personal experiences to bring people around to his way of thinking, instead of the usual shouting or demanding (like what Hillery does).