Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Post University Job Hunting Post

I was going to write this once I actually got a job myself, but I know what I want to say, so here is some advice that I didn't get.

On Graduate Job Applications
Lots of companies try and recruit graduates directly from university. Most want a 2:1 degree rating or they arten't interested. And the time you are supposed to apply for these positions is the summer holiday before your final year, not after you graduate.

On Agencies
Agencies are designed to match people with jobs. Unfortunately this means some lame stuff happens on the agency's part. When a company phones them and says they want an office junior with no prior experience the agency will by policy always put a requirement of two years office experience on the job description.

On Part Time Work
If you are going to get a part time job to fund a healthy drinking habit while you are at university, get a job in an office or a shop for two years so you can get some experience marked on your CV. Nobody wants to take a chance on somebody who hasn't done the same job they are applying for someplace else.

On Government Benefits
Unless you have a job lined up after you graduate, sign on for benefits early. Don't do what I did and wast months thinking a job would come soon.