Saturday, February 17, 2007

Brain Challange

I have seen many wonderful things on the net in the past few weeks since I haven't been posting much, this is all in effort to break my daily RSS addiction and I think I can get my aggrigation addition down to just one four hour session on a sunday. Giving me a nice compromise between keeping up to date with all my RSS subscriptions and not needing to boot the computer up first thing every morning. Anyway I have bought a few games for my mobile phone recently and I thought I would tell you about one.

Brain Challenge by GameLoft is essentially a Brain Age clone, but since I don't have a DS (still not got job) I thought I would give a mobile version a go and it's quite good. The game calculates brain usage by pitting the player against various brain taxing games, if the player beats the level of difficulty that the game is set at then next time they player the difficulty is increased and so on. So you end up with a nice upward curve of performance to start with until you reach your limit at which point playing daily should help you improve and continue increasing the game's difficulty settings. And I think my maths is improving through playing daily, so I am very pleased.