Thursday, December 14, 2006

Zelda Guide (spoiler free post) has finished posting all their videos of their Legiond of Zelda Twilight Princess for the Wii Visual Guide. Meaning you can now download a video of somebody playing the entire game from start to finish.

With not enough room to swing a Wii-mote in, I thought I might as well watch the thing as it is going to be the closest I will get to actually playing the game from start to finish (less time consuming too). And there are a few questions I have after watching, but all in all it seems like a good Zelda title. I particularly liked how the game reminds the player of how big the game is towards the end with both the Credits and the final battle with the Twilight King.

Anyway one of the guys who runs the site has obtained the Limited Edition Twilight Princess guide and the thing Looks Beautiful. The only place I could find that sells it however is who sells it at a very reasonable £15 (plus import tax). I would buy it if I was a fan of the series, but I have no use for it.