Friday, December 29, 2006

Hay Ho

Yes the mighty Orange has cut my Internet off. The bastards.

Currently sitting in Leicester Library using the Internet here as being on support from the government requires me to keep looking for a job to continue getting free money and the papers have had no job listings all week so my little job hunting diary has very little written since the last meeting I had with my Job Centre person.

Apparently I can signup to a new ISP on the 3rd next month, but even then I still have to get that all setup so I should be back blogging proper by the middle of next month.

New years resolution will be to make blog more interesting and more personally relevant to me and my musings as not having the Internet has made me realise how little time I spend free thinking on my normal routine.

And incase I don't get back to you by the end of the month, Happy New Year!