Saturday, October 28, 2006

UNO! GDragons Vs NipponHam

This is one of thoes odd culteral things where to one person it's nothing special, but to someone else it's slightly amusing.

So I am watchign this Japanese GDragons Vs NipponHam baseball game (don't ask long story) and I see UNO written on a players back. Wasn't exspecting that, I thought.

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Ye you can so tell I need a job. My god it's like 5am.
Will be applying for a Deli Counter job tomorrow because I need something to do instead of just looking for a job all the time. Which, would you believe in three months I haven't even had a single interview, yet plenty of praise from recruiters when I have asked them if there is anything wrong with my CV. But more on that and how to dramatically increase job prospects once completing an education stint once I get a job.