Saturday, October 28, 2006

As Much JPOP Music as You can Afford

JPOP or Japanese Pop Music is difficult to get in the west. You might try inporting CDs or illegally download it using evil P2P programs like eDonkey, but it isn't easy to get hold of.

Apple has an iTunes service running in Japan with loads of JPOP music on, but you can only download from that if you have a Japanese account and to get registered in a region you need a credit card and no Japanese bank is going to give you a credit card if you don't live n Japan. But it turns out that iTunes Music Cards are region specific. So you might be able to top-up a US iTunes account with a UK iTunes music card, but by using a Japanese iTunes Music Card you can register a Japanese account and download as much JPOP as you like from anywhere in the world.

And it just so turns out that jBox sells them. WOW so that's at least one of life's frustrations sorted then.