Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saints Row Rating

Been playing Saints Row which is a lot of fun and very buggy. Right now I can hear rain in the game and it is not raining, but anyway I was just reading the XBox Forum and there are a few teenagers talking about the game. I wouldn't let my kids play it, certainly not when the radio talks about banning immigrants religious costumes and has reference to burning fags. In the UK the game has a big 18 sticker on it so obviously parents are going to seriously consider the game before letting their kids play it.

However in the US it has an M for mature. If you read the Description of a Mature title then you know what you are in for, but when you look at the box it just has a little M in the corner and that doesn't communicate anything like the 18 sticker does in the UK. So there are going to be a lot of parents buying the game for their kids who aren't aware of the game's contents because the rating doesn't accurately communicate that at the point of sale.