Thursday, August 31, 2006

XNA , Working Hard and Jesus

On one hand I am very pleased with XNA because it removes all the plumming that I stumbled on when I last tried to learn Managed DirectX. However the documentation is weak and I am frustrated at how little I am grasping. This is normal whenever I try to learn something new so proably isn't such a negative comment.

I still have some in-roads to understanding the structure, but I would do better with more C# exsperiance. I can read the code, but formulating my own is a little tricky because I have only just learned C#.

Nobody ever mastered anything in a day so it's just something I have to stick at. And that got me thinking nobody talks about wither Jesus was a good carpentor or no. He seemed to spend most of his life walking around the holy-land and there isn't any mention of his carpentory in the bible or any pices still in exsistance. So he couldn't have been that good. Maybe if he had applied himself a little more he could have produced some great works like Chippendale.