Sunday, September 03, 2006

Left Behind Eternal Forces Demo

I have been playing the Left Behind: Eternal Forces Demo and it is broken bad.

You start with a Disciple who will convert Neutral characters to your side. You do this by walking up to them and preaching. This is where the demo has a fatal bug. If the path to a neutral character is blocked by whatever then the game freezes. Anyway once converting the neutral character they become a Friend who can be trained to be come several types of unit. There is however a strange qwerk of the game where women can't be trained as Builders or Priests. No reason is given and so I can only assume this a religious thing and sexual discrimination. From what I can tell there is nothing women can do that men can't in the game, so I actually found myself not recruiting women because of this.

All the left behind citizens have life stories and I found this to be the only interesting aspect of the game. Although the writing is fairly bad. Below are two which caught my attention.

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