Monday, September 04, 2006

Dangerous Ideas

For a long while now I have been trying to put into word what I think is wrong with American Politics and what could be done to fix it. I haven't come up with much, but that doesn't matter now because Roy Eidelson a PhD Physiologist has.

His Google Video Titled Dangerous Ideas talks about what is wrong with American politics. This video could be seen as an attack on right wing conservative politics, but they are just the subject matter of the video as they are the ones currently in power. This video talks about how core concerns of Vulnerability, Injustice, Distrust, Superiority and Helplessness are exploited by politicians to gain support from the public. I have always referred to this as keeping the American people is a perpetual state of fear that is used to makes them think their government is doing a good job, but this video shows that it is simply a mechanism politicians use to get support and not something they do purposefully do to make the public subdued or obedient.

The solution proposed by Dr Eidelson to solve the current state of American politics is for the American public to vote for politicians that don't spin phantom issues, but instead address real concerns that American society and individuals have. The threat form Iran for example is a potential threat, but there is little evidence that warrants action. Yet real social issues like the 46 million Americans that are without anykind of health insurance are ignored, which I believe proves that the politicians have stopped serving the people.