Tuesday, July 25, 2006

2nd Birthday Today

Post number 1425 and I have now been doing this for two years. When I think of this yearly post I always think that I should take a picture of something like a cake or something, but I also think that would be too predictable.

Got memory card reader, have transfered pictures across from phone, have also made post with pictures linked in. But I still have to write comments and it's too hot for that. Once again it is nice and cool outside (being dark and all), but if I open a window I get attacked by moths. Yes I have opened the window a little, but it's not wide enough to cool the room sufficiently. For the room to be cooler the window gap aperture has to be at moth flying-in size or greater. Anyway so far tonight I have killed one spider and moved three flies in the past hour. They are attracted by the heat and light. This annoys me emencly.

Additional: This is post number 1438.