Monday, April 17, 2006

Oblivion Paid Expansions

The Orrey is now avalible for Oblivion, costs 150 points from Marketplace whitch works out at £1.28. And I have been reading the Backlash on the Bethusday Forums.

After thinking about this I have come to a few conclusions. The horse armor wouldn't even be worth a download if it was free. The Orray supposadly adds ten minuets of gameplay and some powers whitch nobody will proably use. The mighty powers include gamplay ogmenting additions like fortify inteligence by ten for a minuet and such. Whitch is frankly useless as there are scrolls all through the game that do the exsact same thing.

The reason why I think there has been a backlash from this content is because they don't change or add anything new to the gameplay. They won't make you replay the game from the start after adding them, but from the description of them on Markstplace they offer the promis of something more than they deliver. Hence the backlash.

I don't know why they are charging so many points for this content either. If they could charge one point and still turn a profit, then why not!
What people want is a mod that will deliver what is described. So say another race you can play as, some easter themed skins or themed quest, more weapons & armor or maybe even some more animals that players can ride. Add a ridable dragon that breaths fire, does lots of damage and players would love it.

Something that I think they could add that would also be well recieved would be a Warewolf quest series, like there was in Morrowind. Put a few long quests in there and it would well be worth the points. Plus players would be left with something to play with that would drematically change gameplay. The Vampire thing in Oblivion is irratating so shove something in so the player can controle transformation and it would be brilliant.

Additional: Thinking about it a giant wolf that players can ride that does a lot of damage in combat would be perfect because it would be able to use the same horse animations. Bethesda they would only have to add the model and some sounds. I say it should do a lot of damage in combat because otherwise it is just a model and some sounds without adding anything to the gameplay.