Monday, March 20, 2006

Play and Charge

Handed in my Compilers work today (woke up at 11, think it needed to be in for 12 got there at 11:45) and on the way back got a scart adaptor from Curries, had a play on their 360 display unit and if I had a memory card unit I could have downloaded an exclusive Burnout Revenge car that is only available from the demo kiosk. Just a shame I don't have either Burnout or a Memory unit, maybe if they had something going on a kiosk that I really wanted I might get one. Then went over to PC World to see what their demo unit was like, same disk, but the unit kept freezing so I had a look at their new flat panel screen display and they where all running some grainy Driver game trailer (it was a very poor quality encode).

Then on the way out I had a look to see if they had any play and charge kits in stock and they did, and they where £14.99. So I bought one because that matches the best price that I have seen online (not often I see that from PC World). I was going to try using the same rechargeable batteries that I use for my digital camera, but that would still interrupt gameplay if my batteries ranout.