Monday, March 20, 2006

A Few Days of 360 Action

I know everybody said the 360 was good, but actually owning one is SO much better. To my mind whatever Sony or Nintendo does will be inferior. Not because their products won't be good, but because they won't have the heritage that is prevalent in the 360. The 360 builds directly on to where the original XBox left off. It is progressive in the true sense of the word. Plus new innovative features into the mix like the integrated Gamer Cards don't just put the bar up a notch, but a whole generation ahead.

Before I received my 360 someone on the Evil Avatar forums said the 360 was XBox 1.5 and I couldn't argue because I say the same thing about the PlayStation2 as it came out a year earlier than the Cube and Xbox. And you could see it in it's graphics capabilities that it wasn't truly last gen. Well the 360 is next gen, so next gen that makes me weak at the knees to think of what delights we will be subjected to over the next five years.

Well done Microsoft you deserve every bit of future success that is coming to you.

I still don't have actual game disk to put in this thing, BUT I DON'T CARE! WHOO!