Monday, February 27, 2006

Reasonable Doubt

Just finished watching Loose Change 2nd Edition (not sure what the 2nd ED means) which is a documentary about how the terrorist bombings on the world trade centre in New York and the Pentagon where staged. And it presents a well constructed argument, but wither this is because the attacks where executed by the US government or Terrorists we will never know and that is because the proper procedures for accident investigation and disclosure haven't been followed.

The thing for me about this whole thing is that it seems odd to blame Osama bin Laden because there is as much evidance for that as Weapons of Mass Destruction being in Iraq. And the fact that Osama denies anything to do with the attacks says to me he didn't do it. Terrorists always admit to their attacks. The very nature of being a terrorist is that you persuade people through terrible acts to acknowledge your cause. By not admitting to your attack you undermine the whole foundation as to what a terrorist is. And nobody has ever implicated Osama other than Bush. So the whole thing smells funny, plus we already know that Bush lied about the Weapons of Mass Destruction.