Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Xbox360 X05 Trailer Pack

FilePlanet has a subscriber exclusive Trailer Pack of all the trailers shown at X05 (these will be made available to all through other networks) and here is a little overview of what is included:
Looking good, but the grenades look a little weak
Meh, more melee combat footage.
Best Dead Rising Trailer yet!
Individual blades of grass! Yet still we have 2D crowds.
A Burnout/Carmageddon clown with destructible terrain.
Some new gameplay footage.
A cinematic trailer.
Wild west RPG.
Some new footage, nothing special.
Meh I played a demo of a MotoGP game back in the 90's and this doesn't look any different.
Does not show any gameplay.

That same E3 trailer again.
The lackluster trailer.
Looks good.
The E3 trailer.
Ok, never been into RE games, but looks different to the previous games.
A shaky cam video, but an interesting teaser anyway.
Graphics looks good.