Tuesday, October 04, 2005

X05 Conference Overview

I had a look at IGN's X05 Coverage earlier, I did try to find something on GameSpot, but they have diddly squat. And I have listened to Major Nelson's Audiofeed from the keynote so I guess I can do somekind of overview now.
  • Perfect Dark Zero is a prequel.

  • Gamers won't have to rip CDs to put music tracks onto the 360 because you can copy from either a device or PC.

  • Live now supports custom leaderboards. So there is a leaderboard for each game that will only list you and other gamers on your live account. Plus there is the global leaderboard so you can always see your global ranking.

  • Some new games where announced. Crackdown, Too Human, Mass Effect and superman (to be released mid next year when the film is released).

  • Peter More called Football, football and not soccer, that is an A+ in my book for presentation.
And here is some new media from the event (still waiting for an event keynote video):

New Too Human Gallery

New Perfect Dark Zero Video (this video can be described lackluster at best)

New Perfect Dark Zero Screens

New Gears Of War Video