Monday, August 22, 2005

Podlisteners Anonymous

*stands up*

Hi my name is Brook and I have a podcast addiction

*polite clapping*

It started six weeks ago when I downloaded a copy of iTunes to manage my .Net Rocks subscription.

I then subscribed to a few other podcasts like the Rock and Roll Geek Show, Dawn And Drew and thats when things got out of hand.

*quiet mumbling*

Since then I have been trying to keep the number of podcasts I subscribe to down, but there so so many good shows that I couldn't do it. I even tried ruthlessly unsubscribed to great podcasts like Yeast Radio, but after going cold turkey for a few days I always resubscribe.

Now I am spending all my time listening to podcasts, even going to the extreme of staying up until three in the morning writing blog posts just as an excuse to spend more time listening to my beloved subscriptions.

*sits down, polite applause*

Thankyou for coming here today Brook, I know myself and the others appreciate your honesty and...

Brook, I can see a pair of white headphones hanging out of your pocket!

*Brook runs out crying*